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Fastest Wheels?(TT setup)(2 posts)

Fastest Wheels?(TT setup)johnire
Mar 12, 2003 12:47 PM
Hi All!Which wheels do you recomend for a very fast 4 mile Time Trial in an upcoming stage race.The course is rolling "main road"(wide single carriage way)with a prevailing strong side tailwind.In previous years I have hit 50mph and had to come off the tribars for the slightest bends!But there are also a couple of uphill drag stretches where you need to shift up a few sprockets.Depending on wind, times are around 7 minute mark.I have Ksyriums and can borrow a set of Spinergy Rev X's with the lighter axles.In a series of training('out and back') 10 mile TTs the Ksyriums were faster in all 5 mile splits except the one with the very fastest time(and the Rev X's were very slow into that headwind!)I feel that the Revs only come into their own at very high speed and in casual slow "rolling" tests were trashed by the Ksyriums.
Also which tyres?Michelin Axial Race 23,Conti Supersonics(the paperweight grey and black ones).Specialized Turbo R's (an old set from the 80's!Man were they fast -in the dry...)or a set of 19mm Vittoria TT tyres(180g)
Finally and thanks for any replies whats the latest theories on tri bar width and tilt?
Hed TriSpoke w/ Conti Supersonic 18sKerry
Mar 12, 2003 5:41 PM
You asked for the fastest wheels didn't you? No one who knows anything about wheels would call the Ks aero. RevX is more aero, so unless you're doing serious climbing or facing strong crosswinds, go with them.