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Major League Cycling?!(2 posts)

Major League Cycling?!StupidLight
Mar 12, 2003 7:57 AM reported today that the UCI is planning on turning professional cycling into a sporting "league" like Major League Baseball or the NFL, swearing all the while this has nothing to do with the fact that North American professional leagues are exempt from the regulations of the world anti-doping agency.

If this were to involve a move towards an American team-ownership structure, I wonder where Verbruggen thinks the buyers will come from. TV revenue ain't what it used to be -- last year the Spaniards didn't want to pay a couple hundred grand to broadcast the Giro! Also, North American teams rely heavily on luxury boxes to pad their margins.
Kind of hard to build a skybox on Ventoux.
Woo Hoo!!! finally a reason to keep the Astrodome!!!hycobob
Mar 12, 2003 8:36 AM
Just think, one week there's a tractor pull, the next, a bike race. Build roadways climbing right up to the skyboxes and lights. Nasty, although short Hors class climbs and wicked steep decents. Maybe lead them straight into a loop for crowd-pleasing crashes. How about adding dancers and heavy metal bands with pyrotechnics...YEAH BABY!!! ARE YOU READY TO PEDAL?!!!