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Trivia question about stage race leader jerseys.......(3 posts)

Trivia question about stage race leader jerseys.......Bruno S
Mar 11, 2003 2:39 PM
When a rider is presented with a yellow, pink, green, etc. jersey, it has the race sponsors names and the rider's team name. How is this done? Do they print the team name immediately after the finish? Do they prepare yellow (and polka dot, and green, etc.) jerseys for all teams? If so, do they have all types of jerseys for each team, in different sizes? How many do they have?, The G.C. leader gets a new jersey after each stage.

To cover all the posibilities you would need:

4 types of jerseys x 3 sizes x 22 teams x 21 stages=
for a total of 5544 jerseys.

The logistics of this intrigue me.
re: Trivia question about stage race leader jerseys.......gregario
Mar 11, 2003 2:46 PM
Iron ons.

The team name is ironed on the jersey, after the jersey winner is determined.
re: Trivia question about stage race leader jerseys...Mootsie
Mar 11, 2003 3:34 PM
I read a story about how they do it for the Tour de France and I assume other races follow similar procedures. At the start of the race, officials prepare one jersey in only one size (I presume its a large) for each catagory for each team. So for example, USPS has one green, yellow etc, jersey with their logo on it. At the end of each stage the "team" jersey is placed on the rider for pictures and the awards ceremony. That night the race officials carry a digital sublimation machine with them that allows them to full color "print" the various leaders logos on the jerseys (long or short)/shorts in his/her size. The story said some riders pass on wearing a coordinating short due to not wanting to wear an unfamiliar pad. If you watch close though, you occasionaly see a rider wear the full kit. And now you know how its done!