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Ideas as to how much a signed Lance pic is worth.(6 posts)

Ideas as to how much a signed Lance pic is worth.GileyD
Mar 11, 2003 9:39 AM
I was wandering round the local shopping centre one lunchtime recently and looked in a store that sells pictures, sports kit, instruments etc signed by famous people. Quite a new concept here in the UK, suspect it's probaby a US chain though.

In the window there was a signed photo of Lance on his bike on the Champs Elysee after one of his Tour victories carrying the Stars & Stripes flag. About A4 size, nice dark wood frame. They were asking £199 (about US$130).

I just wondered if this is a fair price. I know the obvious answer is that anything is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it (our wonderful free-market economy, hey!) but over here a signed Lance pic is probaby quite unusual.

How about the other side of the pond - are there loads of signed LA pics about or is that kind of thing carefully controlled by the LA Marketing Machine?
re: Ideas as to how much a signed Lance pic is worth.jtolleson
Mar 11, 2003 9:44 AM
I'm no whiz on the value of anyone's signature, including Lance, but I've spied a few signed pics and they tend to go for around that, if not a little more. And since that one is already framed I've got to say that if it is the kind of thing you are interested in, it is a fair price.

And it will probably hold its value.

I have not seen loads of LA signed pics. Some limited edition stuff for LAF and then the random scrawl to a fan.
re: Ideas as to how much a signed Lance pic is worth.novagator
Mar 11, 2003 10:08 AM
Not to question your accuracy, but is that Pound to Dollar conversion correct? I just ordered from Prendas in the UK and thought that the Pound was equal to about $1.63 US (of course, I hope that your number is correct, that would save me some money :-) which would mean that the US price for the LA pic would be about $324 (if my math is correct).
re: Ideas as to how much a signed Lance pic is worth.Live Steam
Mar 11, 2003 10:10 AM
I think you have you conversions wrong. 199GBP is approx. $320. I'd like to get your conversion rate so I could pick up a few frames from Maestro Bicycles.

As for what the worth is, as you stated it's worth what someone is willing to pay for it. I would check the authenticity of it prior to purchasing it. I am not such how free Lance is in signing things, so it may be a nice find. Good luck.
just like the bike he rides-worthless.but some idiot will buy itthe bull
Mar 11, 2003 3:18 PM
re: I'd say yes...teoteoteo
Mar 11, 2003 6:30 PM
If the pic is a true photo and in a nice frame than $130 is a nice deal. Having the opportunity to deal with Lance on occaision I will say he is more selective now than he used to be. Multiple times in the last year I have witnessed LA being more cautious or refusing certain items unless he could personalize. Mostly people with the Trek/Nike made Yellow Jerseys that had USPS Logo's on the front. I haven't seen them around much lately but they were exact replica's of his TdF Jerseys.

A few people that I talk to in his agent's office mentioned to me he'd been stung by people pretending to need a jersey for one thing (ie a sick friend) and then the Jersey popping up on ebay.

For the most part he's still very gracious on the autograph front.