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Solvang Century Recap: Fabulous Scenery, Long Lines(2 posts)

Solvang Century Recap: Fabulous Scenery, Long LinesCoot72
Mar 10, 2003 11:22 AM
The ride was great. Lots of sun, green hills, good weather, and a tailwind finish. My only complaint is that there were some long lines at the food table. What's up with that?

I also saw some cool bikes. One guy was riding on an old schwinn cruiser. Another couple was riding a singlespeed tandem cruiser. They suffered on the hillls. I hope their knees are ok,

Anyone have any good stories?
Long Linesmohair_chair
Mar 10, 2003 12:23 PM
The lines for food were just idiotic. I never see that at any other century. People are basically sheep, and I'm sure a few suffered for it.

At the airport, I saw a line of at least 60 people, not moving, and then saw almost no one getting food from the food table. If 60 people want to wait for the one guy at the front doing whatever he's doing, that's not my problem. I'm not going to spend an extra 10 minutes waiting for him and everyone else. I simply walked up to the table and got some food.

Interesting how the first rest stop and the later rest stops had no shortage of people, but no lines, and as a result, no problems getting food. At least when I was there. What happened in that middle section?

It's a food table, people. Walk up, get your food, get out. There's no need for lines. If someone is standing in your way, reach over, reach under, whatever.

I've done many, many organized rides, including really big ones like Ride for the Roses, and there weren't any lines. There don't need to be any lines. I don't remember lines in previous Solvangs, and I've done the last three. If more people refuse to line up, maybe it will get back to normal.