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rode with RBR'er Mike Prince yesterday!(5 posts)

rode with RBR'er Mike Prince yesterday!JS Haiku Shop
Mar 10, 2003 10:56 AM
I "shepherd" group rides from the 'burbs on saturdays and sundays. saturday this weekend was a group "event" ride, so the J ride was off. weather was 65*F and overcast/sunny, and the parking lot at the "event" was overfilled. 40+ folks (HUGE turnout for elvisville) turned out after blowing the dust off their steeds, most of which had been parked and housing arachnids since september. about the time they were heading back to their dino-burning internal combustion vehicles, Wonderdog and I were heading out for a 66+ mile ss/fixed ride (J ss, W fixed). tha Dog got 78 miles for the day with his commute to my house; our average speed was about 17 mph (W maybe faster). i hadn't switched from fixed to free by the time he arrived, and he hefted, then rode my steamroller, and complained gratuitously about the weight. :( we had a nice ride and it was a be-yootiful day, though windy (10 mph winds and 15 mph gusts).

on the other hand, sunday was <40*F and threatening rain, and windy (again, though not as bad). i was keeping the faith by waiting 'til noon at the start, as usual, but expecting the group ride to be a group of me, and me, as it is if the weather is <50*F and not sunny. imagine my surprise when Mike Prince (his real name is also his ever-catchy RBR handle :) ) drove up at 10 'til rollout time!

Mike and I have been corresponding for a couple weeks via e-mail. he's from NC, but is working and/or staying in a suburb of elvisville for a short time (and for the last few months). he read-up on our rides via the club website, and decided to catch this one. he'd e-mailed and left voice mail for me, but i was out friday.

Mike was riding a **really really** well-maintained 80s Centurion (red and white), 105 6-speed, complete with pump peg and chain hanger--and DT shifters. he got it off ebay for a song, and the thing looked as though it were painted last week. unbelieveably nice bike! super retro-rocket. probably jealous of his Steelman, but nonetheless a nice ride.

I warned him early that this was our "hilly" ride, its lumpiness covering some 1100 feet of hills in 30 miles. not to worry, he's from a part of the country where you can get several thousand feet of gain quickly from the driveway. it showed in his riding, and the fact that he didn't shift out of the big ring for any of the steeper lumps. regardless of weather, we enjoyed 30ish pleasant miles at about 17 mph--would have been faster, but i only had one "speed" (42x16) versus his 12, and he was definately the stronger climber (can't hide behind a single speed too long, can i?)...i'm hoping Mike will participate in more of our rides when his visits permit, and perhaps future participation will be more than just us two chickens! :)

12x23, Look271 (only in passing), Bianchi Boy/Tarwheel, MikeP, Wonderdog, and now Mike Prince...i've truly enjoyed meeting and riding with you guys!

great report, but wind - sheesh!lonefrontranger
Mar 10, 2003 11:19 AM
you boys in Elvisville don't know what real wind is. We've had 3 days' worth of blustery chinooks here in Boulder, aka the "Boulder Straight-Line Tornado". Sustained wind during the chinook is usually in the realm of 20-25mph, with gusts to 50-60 sometimes.

There's a ranch out near here with a big board painted sign saying "Boulder Wind Gauge". Above it is a cinderblock attached to an anchor chain, the chainlinks are about as thick as my forearm. It's a local joke, but no kidding, I've actually seen the thing leaning sideways some days.

My teammate and I actually got caught up in a dust devil on Saturday and were pretty freaked out by it. Stupid thing was full of little pebbles and tumbleweeds, ouch! It about chucked us both in the ditch; it was kind of like being in stuck in a dryer for a minute, if you know what I mean.

The final irony was that I ultimately got sick of beating my head against the headwind yesterday. So I arranged with my SO to pick me up out in Ft. Lupton (about 30 miles east of here). I figured the chinook blowing me to Kansas would provide for a nice wicked speedwork session, right? Well, I get out the door and about five minutes down the road, and the friggin' wind just up and died (sigh). Oh, well, at least it didn't turn 180 degrees on me...
We had double tailwinds Sunday.MB1
Mar 10, 2003 5:20 PM
The wind switched from the South to NW around noon. Just about the time we turned around.

Too bad it was nothing but hills....
re: rode with RBR'er Mike Prince yesterday!Mike Prince
Mar 10, 2003 4:02 PM
JS Haiku Shop - great ride, thanks for the hospitality. Next time I'm looking for some mid-ride Haiku...

You may like the retro rocket, but I've been thinking about a single speed since our ride. Just trying to figure out how a 42x16 will feel on a 3 mile, 1500 ft climb - I think not good, but I'm intrigued. With a new back wheel/cog, I'm there.

Overall a great ride, really enjoyed it. You are a great "steward" of Memphis cycling. As soon as Daylight Savings kicks in, I'll be trying to show up on Tuesday nights.

You forgot to add that within an hour of our ride, there were no clouds, no wind and no warmth. Doesn't that always happen on those "chicken" days? :)

Oops...meant more warmth (nm)Mike Prince
Mar 10, 2003 4:05 PM