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Fit Question(3 posts)

Fit QuestionJeremy77
Mar 10, 2003 10:30 AM
Just got off of a 58cm Cannondale Caad 5 and on a 57 cm Merckx ti. I have a Ritchey 120 stem with 6 degree rise on the Merckx and a 120 0 degree on the Cdale. I feel as though I am too compact on the Merckx and am contemplating a 130, will this compromise the steering and handling drastically? I am a little annoyed with my LBS as the fit specialist assured me that the position from the Cdale to the Merckx would be duplicated easily. Any advice would be appreciated.
Mar 10, 2003 11:01 AM
If your fit specialist had any knowledge of math, he should have known the following:

The c'dale has a 73.5 STA and a 57.5cm TT.
The Merckx has a 72.65 STA and a 56.8cm TT.

If you use the same seatpost and saddle, it will need to be moved .8cm forward to produce the same position relative to the BB. Regardless of the saddle and post used, your body needs to be moved .8cm forward to maintain the same KOP.

To calculate the required stem length to produce the same reach (assuming the handlebars are the same), subtract .8cm from the TT length of the Merckx to get an "effective" length of 56cm. The difference between the C'dale and Merckx is 1.5cm. You will need a 135mm stem or bars with more reach to get an identical reach on the Merckx.
General vs. specificKerry
Mar 10, 2003 4:55 PM
C-40 gave you the numbers, so to answer your stem length question. 1 cm will have virtually no effect on handling. You'll feel less cramped, and that's about it. Your steering response will be VERY slightly slower, but you'll adapt so quickly you'll not even notice.