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I'm babysitting(2 posts)

I'm babysittingmoneyman
Mar 10, 2003 7:47 AM
A friend of mine recently attended a charity funtion in the capital of a very large state that claims to be the home of Stevie Ray Vaughn and a four-time Tour de France winner. Said friend purchased two bikes at the silent auction and had them shipped north. Friend had to leave town for three weeks and the bikes did not arrive before friend left. Yours truly steps in and volunteers to take delivery on the bikes and keep them safe till friends' return. Bikes delivered last week in a wooden crate weighing 225 pounds. Bikes get un-crated Saturday and are now safely stored in the home of yours truly.

So what's so special about the bikes? One, a Trek 5200, is signed by that four-time TdF winner. The other, a Colnago Oval Master, is signed by the TdF's "comedic domestique", an actor who has played an alien from a distant planet, a cross dressing ex-husband, and a gay nightclub owner.

So my stable of road bikes now has three permanent residents - a Trek 420 (for the rollers), a Trek 5500 (also signed by the TdF guy), a Litespeed Arenberg (belongs to the good looking one in my marriage), and the two new visitors. All five are getting along just fine.

If some terrible tragedy should happen to befall my friend while my friend is away from home, it is helpful to remember that posession is 9/10ths of the law. God forbid that something should happen, but my bikes are going to have a hard time when their new friends leave.

I think that they need broken in by MB1 process. nmContinental
Mar 10, 2003 9:27 AM