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Nokon cable systems(2 posts)

Nokon cable systemsStupidLight
Mar 9, 2003 8:13 PM
Anyone using the Nokon alloy "bead" cable systems?
How do they hold up? Does the liner material shear or wear at bead joints?
Anyone running them off road?
Weight savings plus better flexibility for short housing runs sounds attractive, but my gut feeling is that this is Gore cables Pt. 2 (i.e. overpriced and susceptible as hell).
Curious to hear if anyone has torture-tested the things.
re: Nokon cable systemscycling6500
Mar 10, 2003 10:38 AM
I use the Nokon for Shimano on my new road bike. It looks different and nice when clean, but to me, no discernible differences in performance between the Nokon and Shimano standard. There are better areas for weight savings.
I've put only 800 miles on my bike and the Nokon is turning black from dust and is creaking. The shifter cables for Shimano will droop so you have to be inventive to keep Them up. Nokon comes with 1.5mm cables for both shifter and brake. Shimano Dura Ace's brake cable is 1.6mm and shifter cable is 1.2mm. I like doing everything according to specs; however, the 1.6mm Shimano brake cable will not fit in the teflon tube.
It is expensive and the best price I've seen is from Glory Cycles.