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TV coverage in CAnada!(4 posts)

TV coverage in CAnada!toomanybikes
Mar 9, 2003 8:47 AM
Well another year is due to begin and once again, in spite of my many protest letters to OLN Canada, we are getting no TV coverage other than the Tour de France.

I see that OLN USA is beginning coverage today of Paris-Nice and can find no coverage in Canada.

I missed the Giro and Vuelta last year because someone at programming is more interested in trout fishing!

Does anyone on the board here have way to get this coverage in Canada - satellite ?, if so which system? Etc.

Help, I'm being deprived of a true sport in favour of catfish fishing!

Besides it's snowing today so I have to ride in the garage rather than outside and I'm PO'd about that too!

However, we did go to a great hockey game last night!

I still want my BikeTV!
..can't compete with prime time curling! ;-) nmSpunout
Mar 10, 2003 5:06 AM
New year, same discussion.IAM
Mar 10, 2003 4:48 PM
We had this discussion last year and I know that some people from the board and some of my friends and I e-mailed to OLN Canada ( which is actually TSN ) to complain. To this day I don't know anybody who actually got a response from them. I guess it's time we started complaining again. Here is their address
By the way I can actually handle a little fishing it's the strongman competitions that I can't stand.
Apparently a 3 hour bowflex informercial is more exciting!empacher6seat
Mar 10, 2003 6:42 PM
I'm very frustrated by this as well. I can SEE the US from where I live, and I know on the other side of that imaginary line people are huddled around their TV's, laughing at me! They're all laughing! AHhh!!!