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Ullrich: Coast-ing into the Abyss(4 posts)

Ullrich: Coast-ing into the AbyssBergMann
Mar 8, 2003 7:45 AM
I don't know if any of the rest of you have had the privelege of following the recent Coast saga in the German media, but (a site that has devoted the last 5 years to weeping and gnashing of teeth over Jan Ullrich's inability to dig deeper and deliver TdF II) recently reported on details of an AIGCP (international assoc. of pro teams) meeting regarding Coast's finances.

It looks like some Coast riders were only paid _20%_ of their salaries _last year_! Up 'till now, the Coast management has portrayed ongoing payment disputes with riders as an issue of conflicting international tax law, but as one AIGCP member said "not even Germany has an 80% income tax"!
It looks like Ullrich signed on to a 7 million contract payable in monopoly money -- Coast went fishing with a glistening hook and an empty bait can!

If this is really the case, Coast is _done for_, which raises the question as to where Ulrich will go next -- crawling back to Riis at CSC?

Does anyone else really think the faith everyone places in this guy is warranted?
Time wounds all heels...Akirasho
Mar 8, 2003 9:10 AM
... the more time that passes... the less viable Jan's chances of returning to top form for any race let alone the Tour...

On the other hand, remember that Lance signed with and was abandoned by Cofidis before his time with the Posties... there's something about an underdog... and more so, an underdog that has three strikes and is appealing the umpire (did I just mix some metaphors??)...

In the past, Jan seems to have had ample physical ability, only to lack the focus of an Armstrong... yet, Armstrong's focus seems to require a price be paid as well... time will tell.

Be the bike.
won't have to crawl farFrith
Mar 8, 2003 9:10 AM
Everybody knows coast was a piss poor decision on Ulrich's part. Riis isn't blind, he sees it too. He's gone on record as saying that there is still interest in aquiring Ulrich but CSC won't be initiating any proposals. Thier going to leave it up to Ulrich to make the right decision and do exactly that...crawl. He's still not officialy signed to Coast.
Ullrich on Cervelo? Net benefit?.nmCaliforniaDreaming
Mar 8, 2003 9:23 AM