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Advice on bike size.(8 posts)

Advice on bike size.Milestogo
Mar 8, 2003 1:28 AM
Plan on purchasing a Trek 5900 via the internet. Currently ride 57cm Colagno C40 and 58cm Litespeed. I'm 5'10". What size Trek frame should I order? (56 or 58cm)
Thanks in advance,
go buy top tube length then fine tune by stem. but...the bull
Mar 8, 2003 2:32 AM
Why are are getting a trek-when you have 2 of the best bikes made.Are you going to use it as a rain bike?
go buy top tube length then fine tune by stem. but...Milestogo
Mar 8, 2003 4:30 AM
Well, here in the UK where it rains often, all my bikes seem to get their dose of the rain.

The Litespeed is a 2001 Tuscany and the Colagno is a 2002. Have been reading about the 2003 Trek 5900 and thought I would give it a try. Lance Armstrong has obviously influenced this decision.

sure about the sizes??C-40
Mar 8, 2003 6:06 AM
Litespeed does not make a 58cm Tuscany in a stock frame. They come in odd sizes, measured center to top (55,57,59).

Colnago frames are measured to the lower side of the seat tube clamp, but for all practicaly purposes it's c-t measurement.

The 58cm Trek is measured to the top of the seat tube, which makes it about a 56cm, measured center to top. The 58cm Trek would be equivalent to a 56cm Colnago (vertically). The 58cm Trek will have a top tube length that is 1.5cm longer than your 57cm Colnago.

The colango geometry chart is at
The Trek chart is at
The litespeed chart is at
sure about the sizes??Milestogo
Mar 8, 2003 7:50 AM
C-40, you are 100% correct. My Litespeed is a 57cm and Colnago is a 56cm. I knew there was a 1cm difference. Thanks for your input and web site references.
I assume by your user name that you ride a C-40. Have you ridden a the Trek 5900 and if so, how does it compare?

Who sells 5900s over the net?BergMann
Mar 8, 2003 2:42 PM
And for that matter, what are they asking?
Here in the US, you can only buy Treks from your local Trek dealer.
Who sells 5900s over the net?Milestogo
Mar 8, 2003 3:42 PM
Total Cycling sells the 5500 and 5900 Trek frames. The 5900 frame is about $2,400.
Who sells 5900s over the net?Franchise
Mar 8, 2003 4:25 PM
Another place to check would be They sell 5900's as well and ship worldwide.