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pearl izumi amfib long tights - good or junk?(4 posts)

pearl izumi amfib long tights - good or junk?Fez
Mar 7, 2003 1:39 PM
What is the best long tight for cold windy days?

I usually wear a Hind Arctic Drylete tight (warm fleecy inside) and would top it off with knee warmers. Usually keeps me warm and dry. Wind does peek thru on the coldest and windiest days.

So recently I tried Pearl Izumi Amfib tights. No matter how cold it is, my legs feel like I'm in a swamp. Moisture everywhere, and my legs feel real heavy because I feel the amfib stuff on the front sticking to my legs. What are these tights good for? Cold walks to Starbucks when I can't park my Hummer H2 close enough?

Any better cycling setups that are windproof, warm, and breathable?
amfib tights - not perfect, but not bad eitherBergMann
Mar 7, 2003 2:27 PM
What temps. are you riding in? I've been riding my new Amfibs in 30-45 degree weather here in snowy Jersey, and with all the melt in the road, I've been _very_ happy with the water repellant Amfib up front, not to mention the extra measure of wind protection for the family jewels.

In fact, I wouldn't mind some amfib coverage across the lower back and seating area to protect against the dreaded rear-wheel "plume."

My main beefs with Pearl tights (and this goes for an older pair of their plain fleece tights I have as well) is that they could be cut longer (I have a 34" inseam), and they could use a higher cut at the back of the waist to help counter the tendency of tights to "creep" down over the course of a ride (a bib version would be awesome!).

Are those Hinds you're riding also windproof up front? If so, how's the cut in the waist and lengthwise?
amfib tights - not perfect, but not bad eitherFez
Mar 7, 2003 4:07 PM
Same temps as you (30-45F). The fit problems vary from person to person, but the lack of breathability creates a very swampy environment.

I'm thinking Goretex pants might be good, but if they are shell pants, I'm thinking they might be too loose and make a lot of noise. Anyone make a Goretex that fits more like tights?

The Hinds are a running tight, so they don't have a high back. I had to improvise, but I've been cycling with them for 2 winters and they are great. They are far warmer than Pearl Izumi ThermaFleece tights. With knee warmers, the occasional spray doesn't bother me, although a wet ride would definitely be a problem.

A good cycling jacket should also take care of rear wheel spray (unless you have the same problem that our refrigerator repairman has with his pants).
amfib tights vs. shellsBergMann
Mar 7, 2003 8:50 PM
Afraid I can't help you on the gore-tex tights.
Most of my experience with gore-tex pants is with ski & mountaineering gear, but to be perfectly honest, I have yet to encounter a gore-tex garment that can keep up with the amount of sweat you produce in an activity like cycling.
Gore has recently come out with a line of "stretch" Gore-tex fabrics, but a personal acquaintance of mine who works for Mountain Hardwear (alpine gear company), says that this fabric still leaves a lot to be desired in terms of stretch.
This is why most alpine manufacturers have gone with the new Schoeller stretch fabrics. They're not absolutely waterproof, but they sure breathe a heck of a lot better than Goretex.

I recently picked up a USPS Thermal Jacket (made for Nike by Giordana), which is a "soft shell" (close-fitting, water-treated nylon/lycra weave backed with fleece) and breathes far better than any of the Gore or Entrant cycling shells I've had in the past, and every bit as well as my Schoeller-fabric Salomon ski jacket.

As far as pants go, I would stay away from loose-fitting shells. Whether up top or on your legs, the dead air-space between you and a shell is your main enemy -- if sweat vapor has a chance to cool down, it simply condensates on the inside of your jacket, Gore or no Gore liner.