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Wow, Team Coast has been suspended...(10 posts)

Wow, Team Coast has been suspended...noveread
Mar 6, 2003 10:07 AM
Apparently all over the German press, but it also appears on Eurosport.

I wonder if Jan has a call into Bjarne?(nm)gregario
Mar 6, 2003 10:16 AM
it's all Jan's plan, not aloowed to ride, he can party again !!climbo
Mar 6, 2003 10:55 AM
Risky business.... & then their was Lance ...bent_spoke
Mar 6, 2003 12:37 PM
further down the page second guessing ULlrich's decision to go with Coast. It seemed un-Lance to be so outspoken as he is usually so PC when giving interviews.
Lance seperated from his Wife! is that old news...853
Mar 6, 2003 2:12 PM
In that same article about Lance speaking out on Ulrich, there is a blurb about him seperating from his wife.

Seems odd, Going thru what he did (with cancer)and having kids should bring you closer to your Wife. One can only guess as to what would cause this to happen. Oh well, I hope
it doesn't affect him mentally.
Look out for Sloan and Peddlefoot!No_sprint
Mar 6, 2003 2:28 PM
They have some sort of personal bent against this topic!

It's a couple week old news.

I have no idea what is going on, however, from the little I know of them, if I were to put myself in K's shoes, things wouldn't be all glory and roses depending upon the type of person she is. They have several kids now, she moves off to a place she doesn't know and doesn't know the language of (I don't think she knows French and Spanish), away from all friends, to basically run a home solo while hubby is gone all day most of the time. While it sounds great, it must be pretty lonely. Could be a *I'm moving back to TX where all my family and friends are, where my Mom can babysit when I need some time off to go out with the girls, I can't wait til you've won your 6th TDF and come back to TX with me* thing. I don't know. I wish them the best!
Thanks..I did a search but didn't help...nm853
Mar 6, 2003 2:39 PM
They are, understandibly, being very private about it. nmNo_sprint
Mar 6, 2003 2:51 PM
plus she is married to a prickcyclopathic
Mar 6, 2003 11:35 PM
Armstrongs have enough money to hire 10 babysitters 24/7/365
this is all personality as usual. Time heals and LA is back to his pre-cancer pricky nature. Everyone mumbles that post cancer Lance is different but was there really "new born cancer survival" LA? he dumped GF who's been with him through cancer, why wouldn't he dump K and 3 kids?
I'll give them $1000 for their Bianchis - a job lot! (nm)Iwannapodiumgirl
Mar 6, 2003 6:30 PM