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Short Hills New Jersey Riding???(8 posts)

Short Hills New Jersey Riding???MootsRider
Mar 6, 2003 9:27 AM
Planning a business/vacation trip to Short Hills in mid-May. There will be several days of extended free time and I'd like to know if there are good trails, roads, whether it would be worth taking my bike or rent in the area. Are there any quality LBS nearby? Would it be better to plan for road or MTB? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Check out club rides?velocity
Mar 6, 2003 10:26 AM
Hope you find this link to NJ clubs helpful.
NJ, bicycles, microbrews and you - Perfect together...jose_Tex_mex
Mar 6, 2003 10:26 AM
Short hills is a very nice area and although I cannot recommend any specific local rides, you are not far from many of the most popular routes. There's a wealth of info out there on rides in NJ which can vary from the very flat shore to the highest elevation on the east coast (relatively speaking) - High Point.

As for right now, mtb is non-existent due to the amount of snow we have had. I built a new GT Team Zaskar last December and due to the weather have ridden it maybe four times:-(

There are lot's of places to mtb: Spilt Rock, Waywayanda, Ramapo, ... Again, it will depend on the weather.

As for the road, head to Ft Lee and the George Washington Bridge. There's a sidewalk on the Southern side over which hundreds of cyclists will cross. There's a ride that goes through the Henry Hudson DRIVE (not parkway) out to Nyack and Bear Mountain. It's a very nice, simple, popular ride.

If you are stuck, just drop a line. I have a group that heads out regularly and you are always more than welcome to jump on a wheel.

Let me know what type of ride you are looking for: mtb, rec, hammerfest, sightseeing, mileage junkie and I will advise. Also, check out the Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey - good people - good rides.

Finally, there's always a great microbrewery within driving distance. Check out
If you get to Woodbridge try the Avenale Ale at J.J. Bitting Brewing Co.

Best of Luck
Several good bike shops up there. Check out Hi-Gear Cyclerybill
Mar 6, 2003 12:03 PM
in Stirling -- first home and big sponsor of the Navigators. They have a website, too -- check it out.
The owner, Larry, is a great guy. They have Saturday and Sunday a.m. rides. I've done the Sunday ride, which I think is a little more serious than the Saturday ride, but I think that they are both great fun, and it is BEAUTIFUL riding.
There is a store in Millburn, also, which is the first home of the Colavita team, (Millburn Bike Shop) although I don't think that they still sponsor Colavita.
There is a store in Cranford, too, that I think has rides. I think it's just the Cranford Bike Shop. They co-sponsor the CTS team.
Lots of good riding up there. My brother lives up there; sometimes I get up there -- let's keep in touch.
re: Short Hills New Jersey Riding???werdna
Mar 6, 2003 1:05 PM
If you are in Short Hills you will literally be less than 3 miles away from the Millburn Bike Shop. They can give you info on road/trails in the area. (In fact, I might be the person to give you info.) I will mention right now that although there is amazing mountain biking in NJ, much of it is illegal (including the South Mountain Reservation, which covers parts of Short Hills and surrounding towns). The road riding is decent, but you are going to have to ride through terrible roads for 5-10 miles to get away from the urban sprawl near Short Hills. Once you are west of there, you can find some really nice roads. There are lots of horse farms and rolling hills. If you don't mind breaking the law (the penalty is a fine or impoundment of your bike, but both are unlikely), I would recommend bringing your mtb. I live near Short Hills and while I love road riding, I hate having to ride so many crappy roads to get to the nice stuff. The road riding is nice but not incredible (like it is where I attend college: Ithaca, NY). The mtbing is really good (even though I don't do it much) and it's very easy to access and avoid the damn urban sprawl.

If you have more questions, email me:
(remove the XXX)

re: Short Hills New Jersey Riding???nmaldona
Mar 6, 2003 1:18 PM
I live an work in the short hills area. there's plenty of excellent road and mountain bike riding. drop me a line and i would be more than happy to show you some good rides around here. also, i should also mention that although some places (south mountain) are illegal to ride off road in, there are also plenty of places that aren't and are even better. hope to hear from you.
re: Short Hills New Jersey Riding???Pjkad
Mar 6, 2003 6:16 PM
I too live in Short Hills and there are numerous road bike options to choose from. Morris Area Freewheelers have something going most days and three or four different rides each Sat and Sun.
re: Short Hills New Jersey Riding???Barton
Mar 7, 2003 5:46 AM
Good LBS's in Milburn and Chatham (Bike Land on RT. 124)

There are books sold at Bike Land describing various bike rides in the area, as well as the entire state.

A good local bike club is the Morris Area Freewheelers. They have rides almost every day, and you could ride as a guest.