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looking for a good week-long ride this summer(15 posts)

looking for a good week-long ride this summerColnagoFE
Mar 6, 2003 7:11 AM
I usually go on Ride the Rockies, but didn't get in the lottery this year. Anyone done the Pedal the Peaks tour? Sounds OK and the route is decent, but it is a lot more $ than RTR. Wondered if it is worth it. Maybe I'll just strap on the panniers and head out myself this year. Anyone else have good suggestions?
re: looking for a good week-long ride this summerhatchetman
Mar 6, 2003 7:27 AM
Well, I can point you in a couple of directions. I'm a transplanted Coloradoan living in Indiana, so I've done RTR a couple of times. Pedal the Peaks is expensive, so I avoid that one. A couple of good rides I've done that aren't expensive are Bicycle Tour of Colorado and the Great Annual Bicycle Adventure Along the Wisconsin River. Both are about a week long. GRABAAWR is over the 4th of July week, and BTC is I believe the third week of July. The nice thing about BTC is that it's a loop and you end in the same place you started, so you can just park your car there. The website for BTC is I really enjoyed it when I did it a couple of years ago. For GRABAAWR go to I really enjoyed both, and I plan to do GRABAAWR again this year.
Bike Virginia. Not quite a week, but you can round it out to abill
Mar 6, 2003 7:28 AM
week no problem -- lots of good riding and camping. I think this year it's the third or fourth weekend in June. I've never done it myself, but I want to do it, and I trust the judgment of some buddies that do it year after year. I think that it costs like $200, although not everything is provided for that price, obviously.
Come out East. If you do, I (and MB1, no doubt) will try to hook you up for anything extra, if Bike Virginia isn't enough for you.
Carolinas and Virginia and Tenn. via the PARKWAYCARBON110
Mar 6, 2003 7:34 AM
Awesome sights, great pavement, no commercial traffic, and great towns onthe way. I might go with ya if you did it.
Bike Virginia. Not quite a week, but you can round it out to ajuanteal
Mar 6, 2003 8:32 AM
Bike Virginia isn't all that great. I've done it once, and the Great Ohio Bike Adventure (GOBA) 4 times, and GOBA wins every time. I did the 2001 Bike Virginia-- from Front Royal-- and there were virtally nothing of interest along the route day to day. And then very little community support/interest. We'd show up in towns like Warrenton, VA at night, and everything (restaurants, bike shops) would be closed. Check out
Blue Ridge pkwycyclopathic
Mar 6, 2003 7:48 AM
and Smokeys. Also check PAC tour they have lotsa rides, including overseas. Or you can head out to Italia for Giro or France for Tour catch a couple stages, ride some of the cols...

Speaking of France, there's enough time to ride brevets and qualify for Paris-Brest-Paris, they only run it once in 4 years.
Head out your driveway.MB1
Mar 6, 2003 8:31 AM
Our long ride this year is likely to start from the back gate. It is amazing and wonderful to find out where you can get to from home.
I'm tempted ;)cyclopathic
Mar 6, 2003 8:45 AM
after all it is only 30mi ride from my driveway
Join me this summerPaulCL
Mar 6, 2003 8:39 AM
On the Blue ridge parkway

Like you, I was going to do the RtR or Pedal the Peaks tour. In each case, the timing or the hassle factor just didnt' work out. So, I'm doing the Blue Ridge tour. Small group (25-50), only three campsites so I don't have to break down the tent everynight, reasonably priced, and close to home (read: driveable).

I'm doing the one at the end of June. And, most importantly, I ride a Colnago also.
WOW!JS Haiku Shop
Mar 6, 2003 11:18 AM
what's involved? i checked their website, but didn't see any info about what's provided for the entry fee, besides (assuming) baggage transport and technical support on the road.
Mar 6, 2003 12:39 PM
I talked to the guy who runs it. What's included: food, drink, support, campsites, sag wagon, routes, transport, etc... The regular stuff. I have talked to the owner/opperator three times now. He said basically to bring my bike, a tent, sleeping bag, clothes, and then relax and ride. Sounds like my kind of tour.

My requirements for a tour (and I asked him):
I didn't want to spend every evening/morning setting up/breaking down a campsite
Small group since I'm traveling alone. 25-50 people.
I didn't want to be surrounded by grandmothers riding at 10mph. He assured me that there have always been riders of all categories. He and his partner are former active racers.
Close to home - its' a 5 hour drive for me.

As their webpage says: "Blue Ridge Cycle Tours is a fully supported camping adventure that offers just three campsites. Did you come to cycle or to constantly set up your tent? Every day is a new route with little or no backtracking. Campsites combine beauty, convenience, hot showers and ample tent space. Camp within walking distance of the Appalachian Trail, the most famous foot path in America and along the banks of the New River, the oldest river in North America. A large community tent provides shelter for in-camp meals, music, workshops and gatherings. Musicians, card players and fortune tellers welcome"

My wife said yes, so I'm going for it. Sign up and join me. Paul
it won't be this year. 2004=PAC, this one, or home to DCJS Haiku Shop
Mar 6, 2003 1:21 PM
4x 700 mile RT drives to IL in 3 months are taxing my ride coupons. those plus 4 other out of town rides and a few all-day in-town rides this year, and i'm maxed-out for the 2003 already (not the legs, but the boss at home).

next year i'll consider a PAC tour, this tour, or riding to DC solo (look out MB1!). depends on how strong i feel coming into spring/summer, and the overall life situation.

please do report back with your experience from your tour with this package this summer.


CycleOregon has a great route this year....PdxMark
Mar 6, 2003 9:06 AM
It's large, but very well managed. Live entertainment every night. Hells Canyon. Wallowa Mountains. Not cheap, but alot of fun.
Do your own trip in N. Calif.bcm119
Mar 6, 2003 10:28 AM
I did a 4 day trip with a friend in Humboldt county, CA last year and it was the most incredible ride ever. You can incorporate the Redwoods, river valleys and rocky coast into the trip, along with some crazy climbs. The varied microclimates and vegetation there is awesome. Not much traffic, mild temps and low humidity.
Mar 6, 2003 4:02 PM
Sunday, July 20 to Saturday, July 26. 10,000 riders. Lots of hills on the schedule. The route is in southern Iowa. It's a gorgeous area to ride.