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Whats your routine the day before a century?(13 posts)

Whats your routine the day before a century?bcm119
Mar 5, 2003 4:59 PM
I'm riding a century Saturday (Solvang) and wondering what to do Friday. Its my first century but I've been riding alot and feel pretty good. I'm thinking an easy 12 miles to work, just spinning, then alot of stretching and eating (and a little work), easy 12 miles home from work, then more stretching and eating... Should I skip any riding altogether? Or ride with some intensity?
Just ride easy the day before. Do ride though.nmMB1
Mar 5, 2003 5:09 PM
I thought it's easy 150miler day before .nmcyclopathic
Mar 6, 2003 9:25 AM
Eat a good dinner, drink lots of water...PdxMark
Mar 5, 2003 5:28 PM
get a full night's sleep, and make no major changes to your bike.
re: Whats your routine the day before a century?FrankDAfish
Mar 5, 2003 5:40 PM
It doesn't matter what you do as long as you eat enough during the ride. Two days before my first century, I struggled to finish a 65 mile ride at 20 mph that i had rested and ate well the night before , mostly because i didnt eat enough during the ride. The next day i went out and road 30 miles pretty hard, came home, chilled out, drank 7 beers and went to bed at 2 o clock in the morning, definately not the smartest combination to completing a century. I got up the next morning at 9 oclock and rode my first century in just over 4 and a half hours on a hillier course than my 65 mile ride. I give all the credit to the jelly sandwiches and hostess apple pie that I ate halfway through, and to the power bar and Gu's that i consumed during the ride. As long as you are smart during the ride and keep your effort at a comfortable level, you will do fine.
all the carbs from those 7 beers probably helped, too!! (nm)jtferraro
Mar 5, 2003 6:21 PM
For last Sunday's I was at a bar until 2am...Bruno S
Mar 5, 2003 7:17 PM
I have been doing a century every sunday (3 centuries and 1 double in the last 4 weeks). I usually do a 45 mile group ride on Saturdays. This last weekend my wife wanted to go out with some friends and I went along. She puts up with my time consuming hobbie so I also must do what she likes. I drank 3 20oz. beers and 1 shot of vodka. Went to sleep at 2:30am and waked up at 7am to prepare for the ride. the first 25 miles were tough because I had to sweat all the alcohol but then it was OK. About 15 riders showed for the ride and about 6 stayed for the complete century. This next weekend I will go to sleep early on Saturday but my wife is already talking about going out on Friday. At least Saturday's ride is only 45 miles.
pitchers of dark beer and 4 hours sleep...JS Haiku Shop
Mar 6, 2003 7:19 AM
that's only for special occasions like the GA 6-gap century. it took 3 gaps for all those carbos to wear off.

on others and longer rides, i'll eat particularly well and drink lots of water for 3-5 days approaching the ride, and get plenty of sleep. i don't so much taper per se, but don't push too hard on the bike, and do ride a bit below normal "intensities".
nothing specialDougSloan
Mar 6, 2003 7:25 AM
I usually don't ride the day before an event. I am too tempted to hard too hard, as that's when I'm usually feeling good, if I've rested enough.

Focus more on hydration, salt, and eating carbs. Don't eat too much fiber, though, which could haunt you during the ride (if you are sensitive to that kind of thing). Drink plenty of water, and eat a bag of Cheetos the night before. Hey, it works for me.

Go over your bike and ensure everything is working ok, tires aren't bald, chain lubed, seat bag packed, etc. Don't make any major changes, though. If you do change anything, take the bike for and easy ride to check it out. Don't decide the day before you'll try raising the seat 1/2 an inch, that kind of thing.

Stretching is ok, if you regularly do it. If you don't regularly stretch, it probably won't do much good.

Try to get some sleep. Tylenol PM might help. Keep a bottle or two of water by the bed to drink if you wake up during the night. Eat some carbs for breakfast, too.

pre-ride food ritualJS Haiku Shop
Mar 6, 2003 7:53 AM
bag of krystals with cheese, a chili cheese dog, and large fry with lots of catsup. for those without krystal, krystal=white castle. krystal burgers are small and square, and often called "gut bombs". do(u)g's cheetos equivalent, except with a few thousand more calories.


horrible, horrible ideaDougSloan
Mar 6, 2003 8:06 AM
Belly Bombers before riding? Are you crazy? Cheap, crappy meat with lots of grilled onions? I'd be sick before even getting on the bike. Oh, my. If you can survive those, you must have guts of iron.

horrible, horrible ideaJS Haiku Shop
Mar 6, 2003 8:12 AM
that plus "carobweiser" = many blissfully ignorant miles the next day. i barely remember 6-gap.
Good night's sleep *two* days before.PseuZQ
Mar 6, 2003 10:55 AM
So that if I can't sleep the night before a big ride it's not such a big deal.