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PYI / Spokeswear bootie sizing & water resistance(2 posts)

PYI / Spokeswear bootie sizing & water resistanceBergMann
Mar 5, 2003 2:14 PM
I've got a pair of size 46 Shimano 320 MTB shoes I'd like to cover.
I want to order the regular PYI/spokeswear road booties to avoid having multiple holes (i.e. points of H20 entry) in the sole.

How is the sizing on these booties?
Should I order the next size up (47/48)?

And a final issue: are these water resistant/treated?
re: PYI / Spokeswear bootie sizing & water resistanceJS Haiku Shop
Mar 6, 2003 7:35 AM
i've been riding with a pair for ~2 years; they've seen 2 nasty southern US winters and two crashes. though the last crash ripped a small tear in the outside of the right bootie (or is that booty? booty call!), it's not grown since then, and i've been wearing them 3-4x/week for the last 3 months.

when i purchsed them from excel, i don't think there were four sizing options. my shoes are sidi genius 4s in size 46, i also wear 46 or 46.5 in nike, specialized, and shimano shoes. i'm pretty certain the sizing is accurate on the website.

as far as waterproof, they are not. treated or resistant, maybe. these have been soaked through, including shoes and wool socks. the best solution so far has been to combine wool socks and those booties with a vapor barrier. i lucked upon some cannondale wind/waterproof sock things that are cuffed above the ankle and worn over socks and inside shoes. those (four) layers, plus chemical toe warmers for the first few hours, work very well on long, wet, cold rides.

FWIW, i'll buy the spokes/pyi booties again when it's time for another pair.

good luck.