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sidi genius 4 testimonial(5 posts)

sidi genius 4 testimonialJS Haiku Shop
Mar 5, 2003 7:12 AM
july 2002 i ordered a pair of genius 4s from (my third order from them). paid $144 including $22 shipping, shoes, and an extra pair of black look cleats.

so far they've been worn for about 3500 road miles. the original cleats were replaced last friday. when i removed the old cleats, close inspection of the shoes found very very little sign of wear. they've been ridden in rain, walked in through snow and ice, and put through the ringer on a daily basis, as i'm not particularly gentle on equipment. i don't walk around much in road shoes, but i do some walking, and the heel tabs on these are only slightly worn.

only problem i will mention is occasoinal arch strap slipping or sticking, but that's not frequent, and not a show-stopper. the ratcheting closure method seems well-thought and is often used to micro-adjust fit while pedaling.

before these shoes i wore the nike gabuche due, before those, a pair of specialized team road shoes, before those, shimano entry-level road shoes. i thought the move from specialized to nike resulted in a much lighter shoe (which was an observation only, not a goal)--but WOW!, the switch from the nike shoes to the sidis was equivalent almost to not wearing shoes (the sidis are featherweight in comparison).

"frugal" in nature, i shopped carefully and didn't spend much on either the nike or specialized shoes (or the shimano pair). though there were uneasy feelings putting $100+ for a pair of road shoes, i've had zero regrets so far--t'was well worth that, and then some.


Among the faithfull...biknben
Mar 5, 2003 9:21 AM
I got my first Sidis in '96. A pair of Genius 2s. I thought the fit far surpassed anything I'd tried before. I bought a pair of Dominator 2s (MTB equivalent) just a month later.

The genius shoes are still going strong. I have replaced the micro-lok buckles once. I've had absolutely no issues with them.

My Doms have been even more impressive. Before Sidi, my shoes would be falling apart, literally, before they finished their second season. The Sidi Doms are still going strong although they are finally beginning to show old age. The material at the toe has just started to tear and the velcro is losing some grip. I went through a few sets of buckles over the years. They gone through 6 years of MTB racing. I got a new pair of Sidi Action 2 MTB shoes last month. They old ones will live on for commuting or sloppy conditions.

Sidi is one company I will never part with.

Sidis don't die...The color just fades. :-)
Amen brothers! (nm)velocity
Mar 5, 2003 11:10 AM
Couldn't agree morerogue_CT1
Mar 5, 2003 2:51 PM
I got my first Sidi's in 1987, called the Revolution. Combined with the new Look clipless pedal system they were the greatest upgrade I have ever made in cycling equipement. I had the Revolutions until my dog ate them in 1999. I used Diadora's for a couple seasons but I finally convinced my wife that I needed new shoes. I bought a pair of Genius 4's from that guy on e-bay that is located in England. Paid $118, I think. They have been through every weather condition and even one crash. Still as good as new. I just bought a pair of Energy 2 from Of course I crashed on the first ride with them and scuffed them up a bit but they are fine. I will never give up my Sidi's again. I still think those Revolution's were the best looking cycling shoes ever.
Ditto on the Sidi's. Luv em'! nmLive Steam
Mar 5, 2003 12:07 PM