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Advice on which type of Tufo tululars to use(4 posts)

Advice on which type of Tufo tululars to usemjbmx5
Mar 4, 2003 10:49 PM
Which would be the best tire: S3 Lite 215g or Elite or Giro Twix. The tire would be riden by a lite rider on zipp 303 tubs. We use tufo's on the track and they work great but the ride a little hard. But we have not tried their road tires yet. The local road riders just say they are too hard but I do not think they have tried all the different types. I have already checked the reviews on this site for some input but would like some more. Many of the roads around here have chipseal which cuts Corsa's to pieces. Thanks
If you need them to really lastAlexx
Mar 5, 2003 5:26 AM
The S33 specials wear like iron. I've got about 5k miles on one and it's still got rubber left on it! Still, the rubber is awfully stiff, and they weigh 260g, but they are just about indestructable.
I'm assuming that the S3 lite will be softer and thinner, so if you want long life, I wouldn't go for that. The Giro Twix has the same 305 tpi casing that my S33 specials have, so they should be good for puncture resistance, and probably have a similarily long-wearing rubber compound. The elite, however, has an ever denser 440 tpi carcass, but is sold more as a road racing tire, so I would assume that the rubber is more likely to get chewed up on cr@ppy roads. They are also quite expensive....
Best bet-Giro Twix, if you can live with the hard tread compound. S3 is best for the weight-conscious, and elite for those who want the best of both, and don't mind the cost.
re: Advice on which type of Tufo tululars to useJimP
Mar 5, 2003 5:36 AM
I used the S3 Lite 215s a year ago and went through 3 of them. They all failed at the valvestem. The tires started out straight but started to squirm a little after 500 miles or so. The slight movement caused the seal at the valvestem to fail. This seems to be much more prevalent with the Tufo since the S3 is a tubeless tire.
A lot of folks seem to like the Tufo sealant but that is a mixed blessing. The sealant will fill a small hole in the tire, like a thorn or staple, but also gums up the valve. I had to remove the valve periodically to clean the gum so I could inflate the tire. I also question whether the sealant had softened the valvestem seal and was partly to blame for the failures.
As for the ride; I thought the S3s were harder than Conti Sprinters or Vitoria Corsas and didn't give me the same cornering confidence. I switched back to Conti Sprinters and now wont ride on Tufos at all.
A few words...Alexx
Mar 5, 2003 8:02 AM
Jim seems to be the ONLY person here (or anywhere else, for that matter) who has had this problem, which, BTW, sounds like improper gluing is the cause. I have NEVER had a Tufo or any other tire 'sqirm' around on the rim since the last time I used Tubasti on a hot day. I have occasionally incorrectly seated a tire, so that the valve sat sideways, but never had one shift once dry when using good (Conti or Vittoria) glue.
Yes, the sealant (should you chose to use it...) will gum up your valve. Unscrew the valve, and soak it in hot water for a few minutes. Goo gone! BTW, replacement valves only cost about $1.50, so I always have a few extra around....
Yeah, Sprinters corner nice, but the junk on the roads around here tear them up in only 1k miles-so they are a waste of money for training use. They cost nearly $60 each, and you can't even count on them being round anymore!