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Frame Pumps... problems fitting toptube...(8 posts)

Frame Pumps... problems fitting toptube...RCole
Mar 3, 2003 7:46 PM
Any full length frame pumps out there fit without a pump peg? I just bought a Blackburn FP-1 pump. The only problem is that I don't have a pump peg on the backside of my headtube so the pump sides down to where the headtube meets the downtube. Any suggestions for pumps that don't do this? How out the Zefal HPX? I normally carry CO2 but went on a long ride the other day and had 2 flats and ran out of CO2. Sooo, this is my solution to solve that problem. Don't especially like the look but I prefer it to saddle bags.
Just curious...jtferraro
Mar 3, 2003 8:01 PM
How many CO2 cartridges were you carrying, and how many ounces were they, 12oz? You're implying you don't use a saddle bag, right? Do you carry the CO2 inflator & cartridges in your shirt/jacket?

Reason I ask is b/c I'm going to need both a saddle bag and frame pump.

Just curious...RCole
Mar 3, 2003 8:05 PM
Yep, you're right. I don't use a saddle bag and currently carry supplies in my jersey pockets. Problem is - during the winter/fall, I tend to carry more clothing and as a result have a hard time stuffing it all in the pockets. I carry the small CO2 cartridges. In fact I haven't seen anything but the "small" size.

I suppose I can use something like a velcro tie to secure the pump
you need a pump strap.desmo
Mar 3, 2003 8:04 PM
they will always slide down without a pump peg because the angle of the dangle. just use a pump strap around the top tube.
you need a pump strap.RCole
Mar 3, 2003 8:09 PM
Where can I get one? I know they supply them with the mini pumps but not with the large ones.
Zip Tie (Cable Tie) solutioncrosscut
Mar 3, 2003 8:24 PM
There's a simple solution. Use a cable tie (zip tie, tie wrap, whatever one calls them). Create a pump peg by using a large tie wrap around the head tube. Position the "knot" of the tie wrap on the inside of the head tube so it can be used as a pump peg. It works. I use this on my Surly. You can even be creative and paint it the same color as the frame.
Find a piece of double-sided velcro. <i>Hint: common in server rooms for cable management. -nmTig
Mar 4, 2003 7:17 AM
gotta close your italics, yo. </i> (nm)JS Haiku Shop
Mar 4, 2003 7:28 AM