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Colnago Ovalmaster(7 posts)

Colnago Ovalmasterblownpupil
Mar 3, 2003 7:16 PM
Hey, anyone riding an Ovalmaster? What do you think?
re: Colnago Ovalmasterrussw19
Mar 3, 2003 8:18 PM
I ride one, what would you like to know?
I love it, but mine is a bit too big for me. Colnago sizing is weird... I would suggest you measure by the top tube, look up their sizing on the web. They measure to the top of the seat tube... it seems that if you would normally ride a 55cm, buy Colnago's 57cm. I should have done that, but I bought a 58cm. It's just a bit long, and I like a long bike.

But I love the ride.. it's smooth and stiff and plush... super comfy. But it's no lightweight. So if you are buying a Ti bike because of weight, it's not the right one. If you want a stiff all around pro quality race bike that you can still ride all day, it's a fantastic bike.

If you have any specific questions, let me know... I would be glad to talk about it.

re: Colnago OvalmasterCurtSD
Mar 3, 2003 8:48 PM
I ride an Ovalmaster as well, and I agree with everything Russ said. The one thing I'm not wild about is the rear dropouts - they're the old fashioned horizontal dropouts. This means that 1) you can't fit tires larger than 23's, without airing the tire down to put it on the bike, since the tire hits the seat tube as the wheel is being installed. 2) you have to clamp the skewers very tightly, or when you apply a lot of force to the pedals it will pull the cassette side of the axle forward, pulling the wheel out of alignment until the tire binds on the chainstay. Even with this shortcoming I love the frame, but I hope colnago updates this issue.
re: Colnago OvalmasterRob Sal
Mar 4, 2003 1:06 AM
I have the slightly older Ovaltitan, which is the same except for the oval top tube. I bought mine to be bombproof rather than lightweight. Its comfortable too over a long distance, I imagine probably not as much as a 3/2.5 would be but on my first double century for 4 years I didn't ache all over like on my old 531 and SLX frames.
Welds aren't particularly pretty. I haven't had much problem with skewers not gripping dropouts even though I use Campag Record which are smooth alloy rather than serated steel.
re: Colnago Ovalmasterblownpupil
Mar 4, 2003 6:24 AM
I ordered one and am waiting for it to get here.
I am a non-racer, but do fast club rides and occasional sprint triathlons.
I want a bike to ride centuries with, and stay comfortable for as long as possible.
I want a light, stiff bike, yet I don't particularly care if it's superlight, just lighter than the 23 lb-er I'm riding now.

Russ: I have a relatively short torso in comparison to my long legs. I am 6 feet tall and prob could use a 55cm top tube. My lbs measured me at a 58cm frame, though a 57 may do the trick (I have a Lemond right now...WAY too long top tube) How tall are you, or rather what is your inseam?

Anyway, it seems that the ride qualities I want are in your descriptions. Thanks.
re: Colnago Ovalmasterrussw19
Mar 4, 2003 4:29 PM
You may have to use a short stem if you think you need a 55cm top tube. Colnago's 58cm frame uses a 56.3cm top tube. The 57cm uses a 55.6cm top tube. However, what size is your LeMond? If it's the 55cm, it uses a 56.5cm top tube. So it's near the same size as the 58cm Colnago. If you are riding the 57cm LeMond, then it uses a 57.5 TT and a 120mm stem. The 55 LeMond uses a 110 stem. This is all based off 2003 geometry, but LeMonds have all been the same geoometry since Trek bought them in 1998? I think that's when that happened. Colnago geometry can be found here...

You can always bust out the tape measurer and see where your's lines up.

Colnago TitaniumAsphalt Addict
Mar 4, 2003 7:10 AM
I love my 1998 Monotitan. The ride is great for centuries. Smmmoooottthhhh! Way better than my Schwinn Circuit(ha,ha,ha). Like going from a Yugo to a Lamborgini. Only problem I have with my Colnago is that it stands out in a crowd. Everytime I get off it at rest stops I wonder if it's going to be there when I return. Didn't have that problem with the Schwinn.