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Euro Winter Jackets(9 posts)

Euro Winter Jacketscapncrunch
Mar 3, 2003 11:26 AM
I'm in the market for a winter jacket and was wondering if the Windtex and "Sinchi" winter jackets being sold at (or the equivalent) are comparable in performance to some of the more expensive winter jackets so I'm definitely considering them. While I don't typically ride in Euro kit gear (just a personal preference), there is a substantial price difference between the Euro jackets and the higher end winter jackets (such as Castelli, Assos, etc.). Any feedback would be appreciated. Ride conditions would be in the 20-35 degree range. Thanks.
a good deal because they expire every year...Spunout
Mar 3, 2003 11:37 AM
and they always have them on sale. They are top grade Nalini designs, I have Giordana tights, Nalini Long-sleeve jerseys, and Nalini pro kits from them.

I didn't pick up a cycling jacket though, but they appear to be comparable to Castelli. I might not go so far as to say they are comparable to the highest grade Assos wear though.
re: Euro Winter JacketsSpaceCowboy
Mar 3, 2003 1:02 PM
Hey Captain,
Funny you should ask about the "Sinchi" winter jackets from I just recently ordered a "Team" winter jacket from them and received it today. Suprisingly their jackets are 50% off at the moment plus another additional savings. The cost was $43.00. Yes it has a bunch of logos and advertisements on it (Team AXA), but the quality of the material appears to be better than any of the Castelli winter jackets I have now. It has a very nice Fleece collar with full zipper, plus three rear pockets. Though I haven't ridden with it on yet here in Chicago, I can say it will stack up to anything Castelli, Assos, PI, or whomever when you compare the price. Also, it only took 6 business days to receive. Overall, I'm excited to have gotten a quality piece of cycling clothing at "dirt cheap" pricing. I recommend you give them a try if you're not hung up about wearing something that has writing on it.
Buy one yearboneman
Mar 3, 2003 3:02 PM
As they go on sale. So what if you're a biking billboard? The price is right. The newer models, 2002 and 2001 are ever so slightly better than the Sinchi models in the details like color and feel. I have those made by Nalini and Giordana. I wear them down to about 40F with only a mesh SS t shirt and then down to freezing by including a ss jersey layer. Windproof and not bad in the damp conditions. Heavy rain, well it will get wet.

Definitely as good as Castelli, Assos, PI, etc. I've been buying from them for the last four years, LS and SS jersies, bib shorts, gloves, socks, etc. and it's cheap.
re: Euro Winter JacketsPMC
Mar 3, 2003 1:11 PM
I have a Lampre (loud and bright) Windtex winter jacket I bought from Probikekit. The construction is great and the fit is perfect for cycling as would be expected. It's warm enough that above 35 degrees I only need to wear a short sleeve summer weight jersey underneath to stay comfortable. Below 35 and I like a long sleeve jersey with a light fleece lining underneath. It's wind proof as advertised but I haven't ridden in rain to comment on water resistance. has Festina A-tex for $37jw25
Mar 3, 2003 1:53 PM
but only in small at the moment. Seems the news has gotten out.
I ordered one last week, and got to try it out yesterday in the cold. Temps were right above freezing, with 20 mph gusts, and I was comfortable in a Defeet un-d-shirt and the jacket. Crazy, I know, but I also had PI Amfib tights, a skullcap, booties, and my PI thermafleece gloves.
Windtex and Atex are probably pretty close in construction. I've got some Windtex gloves for comparison, and Atex is maybe a little thicker. Both are windproof, fairly waterproof, and somewhat insulating.
I'd definitely get one, pick something bright so people can see you, and spend the difference on other gear. I used to not ride in team kit, but the prices are hard to beat, and the genuine stuff is pretty well made. "If it's good enough for the pros..."
re: Euro Winter Jacketspina
Mar 3, 2003 4:30 PM
I have a Big Mat windtex vest and a Index Alexia windtex vest. The quality of these two Biemme vest is top notch and i am comparing them to all the others you mention (and i have). I am sure the jacket is very good also. I wear the team long sleeve underneath and am just fine in the 30's. The sinchi winter jacket is a litte older style and alot heavier. I have these also. I would perfer the windex, but that is me. The sinchi winter jacket can run hot for me, but just me again. I think you would really like the windtex jacket the most, just a guess. For the price though, great deal, no doubt.
re: Euro Winter Jacketscydswipe
Mar 3, 2003 4:43 PM
I got the Kelme winter coat from probikekit last month. You can't beat the price. The quality is outstanding. The coat does seem to be the type to get soggy and heavy if it rains. A warm coat for Iowa rides!
Thanks everyone! (nm)Horace Greeley
Mar 3, 2003 7:29 PM