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Dont know if you've checked it lately(4 posts)

Dont know if you've checked it latelycollinsc
Mar 2, 2003 7:45 PM
but I thought I'd refresh. Soon we'll see #1

(btw, prepare yourself for lame-ass sports article if you havent seen it yet)
re: Dont know if you've checked it latelyrussw19
Mar 2, 2003 8:33 PM
You have to know that USA Today is going to say it's harder to dunk a basketball or hit a homerun than win the Tour.

I have raced downhill skiing... I have saved a Penalty (and I am a freaking mid-fielder) I ran a half Marathon once, but I hate to run...I play ice hockey, so there is not a single reason I can think of to waste a perfectly good Ice Rink trying to twirl 4 times in the air while wearing some lame ass tuxedo-tights (you know fancy tights that make you look like you are wearing a tux, while your twirling and hoping you don't catch an edge) I have never returned a Pete Sampras 130 mph serve, but I can hit a 90mph fastball (I ain't saying I can knock the stuffing out of it, but I can connect for a single) I can hit long and straight out on the links... not John Daly long, but long enough to out drive the ladies on the LPGA tour... I can't say much about Pole Vaulting.. I never tried it, but a friend of mine in college was a 3 time Division 3 NCAA champion, and it looks I can make left hand turns with the best of them... sure, I know how god-like Michael Schumacher is in his Ferrari, and I resepct that, but here's the breakdown....

In the last 12 years only 5 people have won the Tour d' France! How many dunk highlights did you see on ESPN last night, 30? How many guys hit home runs in MLB last year? How many Nascar Drivers won on the circut last year? Just how high is Pete Sampras' ace percentage when he was in his prime? 30%, less? Someone tell me? The problem with that list is that your average athletic Joe can possibly DO all of the following (except as I hate to say it, the Quad-what a waste of ice!) and do it semi-well. Not anywhere near as well as the top pros. But how many can actually survive a Tour? Not survive like living, but to last thru the mental and physical torture of a Tour?

Oh well, that's the end of my rant! That article is a crock of poo!

The list is typical of America's focus on sportsSprint-Nick
Mar 2, 2003 11:24 PM
What is two of the most watched sports in the US... baseball and car racing. The Tour is up there just because of Lance's recognition. Then marathon running and such is an obvious choice.

My rant begins that any sport is a challenge. Its very very difficult to differentiate the difficulty of sports because some are mostly training orientated (cycling) whereas some are more talent orientated (say soccer). Both you need to train or have the talent but they tend to be heavy at one end of the scale so its like comparing apples and oranges. Then of course a lot of hard work can overcome talent defiencies.

My 2 cents,
re:Article didn't say "win the tour" and some other thoughtsdzrider
Mar 3, 2003 5:01 AM
Winning the biggest event in any sport is incomprehenisbly difficult. Completing is hard enough. What percentage of starts finish?

Hitting a baseball must be incredibly difficult as the best in the world can't do it successfully 40% of the time - a success rate somewhat lower than returning serve in world class tennis. It's also, I suspect, a lower success rate than completing the Tour.

What could be harder than boxing 15 rounds? Have you ever been punched? I have and I didn't like it at all. Just punching for 45 out of 73 minutes is incredibly hard and you have a strong person hitting you, pushing you, leaning on you. It's no surprise that poor people box and rich people play golf!

Racing a marathon has to be incredibly tough, but running a marathon is a bogus choice. It's hard, but given enough time damned near anybody can do it. I finshed Boston one year 35 pounds overweight with no training runs over 12 miles. It just took a real long time and hurt. I don't know the percentages on how many starters complete marathons, but I'll bet it's higher than 70%.