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Vittoria Rubino Pro TT question(3 posts)

Vittoria Rubino Pro TT questionHigh Gear
Mar 2, 2003 1:35 PM
What are peoples thoughts on them ,say when compaired to Axial Pros?
Mar 3, 2003 2:26 PM
understand that the examples of both are very different sizes (Rubino 20's and AP 25's), and I don't have many miles on either.
That said, I think both are good tires. Both have been very cut-resistant (knocking wood) and show no signs of wear after 2-300 miles. Neither has felt skittish cornering or braking.
The Rubino seems to use slightly harder rubber, and has textured side tread, while the Axial has "micro-texturing", basically fine ripples. This is uniqie to the 25's, and was added for Paris-Roubaix, to give better grip on slick cobbles.
I've been using the AP's for winter training, so they've seen plenty of wet roads, and have never let me down. I'm not cornering aggressively, but they hold tight, and braking is sure-footed. I've gone over lots of gravel with no effect. That said, I've seen freak punctures/slices on other's AP 23's (black version), but the culprits were never found, so who can say? Any tire will puncture, it just depends on what you go over.
The Rubino's are used on my TT wheels for training, so they don't see that much use in ugly conditions. They ride harsher, of course, but they're skinnier, and pumped to 125 psi. Cornering is fine, and braking feels sure and steady. I plan to get a pair in 23mm for training and racing.
Both are good choices, and both can be found for decent prices. I say get what you want.
Thanks Bro.....High Gear
Mar 3, 2003 3:02 PM
I love the AP's but have had two bad experiences with not being able to get the tire off after a flat on my Campy Nucleons. I hope the Vittorias are easier.