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Forefront of training(3 posts)

Forefront of trainingMerlinMan
Mar 1, 2003 8:48 AM
After reading recent posts about some rather unorthidox training methods, jump squats, I decided to make a go of one of my own training theories.

During vigorous cycling the oxygen saturation level in our blood drops dramatically. I am convinced that with proper concentration and training our cardiovascular system can be persuaded to utilize carbon dioxide in place of oxygen when saturation levels grow low. This brings us to "Controlled Drowning".

My training partner and I performed our first exercise at the local gym pool. Wearing full cycling gear for realism, I hopped in the pool with some ballast weights. My partner was supposed to pull me out after 4 minutes. Apparently he became engaged in a conversation with a lady there and lost track of time. Things went poorly from there. An ambulance was called, the local media showed up, I felt light headed and embarrassed when I came to. It was estimated I had been under for 7 minutes.

Astonishingly enough, in my cloudy state, I had the presence of mind to save what dignity I could for the sport of cycling. I told the news media I was a triathlete. I guess it made sense,the pool, the cycling outfit.

Anyway, my training partner feels badly. I have been checked out by my doctor. He did say that 7 minutes was a long time, watch for signs of brain damage.
Jump squats are hardly unorthodoxSprint-Nick
Mar 1, 2003 3:30 PM
Before I begin. Unless you have a qualified coach working with you please think jump squats are bad so you won't do them. I am just argueing why they are fine in a supervised weight program let alone my program.

Heres goes; jump squats are hardly unorthodox in a *supervised weight program*. Basically what you are doing is forcing your body to recruit more muscle fibers as quickly as possible facilitating a neurological adaptation (how the brain triggers the muscles). If I had 5 plates on each side on the bar (close to my max squat) I would be a fricking moron. But I have 1 on each side. I don't think its hard for me to control less than a fifth of the weight I normally squat in a jump squat. As you can see my form is perfect in that picture... I did it for 8 reps.

My 2 cents (backed up by a half dozen people with masters in their kines degree... what are the Canadian universities teaching???),
God forbid...filtersweep
Mar 3, 2003 8:38 AM
....forgive me...

they are still quite unorthodox for cycling.