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HEY DANTE, Did all the Government Cheese chemicals warp u?(3 posts)

HEY DANTE, Did all the Government Cheese chemicals warp u?teoteoteo
Feb 28, 2003 9:02 PM
I am not sure where you learned about road bikes but 40 mph down a Mountain? Try 60 or 70 my friend. What the hell is a Banna seat? I know for sure that I have never pumped one.

Anyone can sit on a 10 inch travel 125cc with no motor and ride the rolling couch for 3 minutes in between bong hits. All while wearing full body armor so you don't get a boo-boo. I bet you secretly dream that you could be as cool as Travis Pastrana.

You wanna talk bacon? Try wadding it up at 60 in lycra 'cause your on a one inch tire havin' rigid machine o' glory hit a tiny pebble.

Let the flame war begin because in the circus of flame I am the Ringmaster and you are but a Clown.
Dante = Nick?tremblay
Mar 1, 2003 12:18 AM
Is Dante Nick's alter-ego?

If Dante dislikes road riding so much -enough to come in here and hack it all down- why does he know so much about Nick's past here on RBR? I would assume someone who doesn't like the sport would avoid reading this board so regularly.

I can only assume that Dante is in fact a sophomoric and rather unsuccessful attempt by Nick to direct attention on to "someone else". I would be VERY surprised if it wasn't him. Very, VERY surprised.

This whole thing was kinda funny, actually.
OR, hehe, maybe not.tremblay
Mar 1, 2003 12:20 AM
Of course, after looking back through the archives I get the impression that Nick and Dante aren't the same person.

Stranger things have happened.