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Michelin Axial Pro + Campy Nucleon tight fit.(6 posts)

Michelin Axial Pro + Campy Nucleon tight fit.High Gear
Feb 28, 2003 2:09 PM
I love those tires, they ride well and don't flat to easy. I did get two flats last season and had to walk the first time due to breaking my tire iron on the tight fitting tire. The socond time I almost gave up trying to get the damn thing off. I noticed the other tire makers like Vittoria have some that resemble the Pros. Anyone find a tire that resembles and is as good as the michelin, but fits easier on the oversized Campy rims?
same problem hereDougSloan
Feb 28, 2003 2:47 PM
The Campy clincher rim channel is shallow, so the tire can't stretch as far over the other side. Michelins are the worst.

I did get them on easier by using thinner rim tape, though. The narrow blue nylon Ritchey tape from Excel works.

Continentals go on easier. Veloflex and Vittoria practically fall on and off the rims.

Michelin Pro race tires are hell to change.curtybirdychopper
Feb 28, 2003 4:33 PM
The only trick I know is to get as much tire/tube on/in the rim as you can, and then go back and remove part of the previously seated bead (leaving that part of the tube still inside the rim) to get slack for the remaining tube/tire bead. This will help keep from pinching tube with irons.
Michelin Pro race tires are hell to change.russw19
Feb 28, 2003 7:55 PM
Try the old school trick of putting a bit of talc in the tire first... it tends to help. Also, use a QuikStik tool instead of the three tire irons. They are nice tools and I swear by them.
Otherwise, try different tires. I love the Continental Super Sonic for race tires. Veloflex makes really nice race tires as well.

re: Michelin Axial Pro + Campy Nucleon tight fit.Ken
Feb 28, 2003 10:17 PM
Have the same set up as you. What I have learned in changing the tires with this rim is to work the two tire levers closer together. My meaning is, first get one tire lever to pry over a small section of the tire and anchor the lever on a spoke. At about 2" away from the first lever pry over another section of the tire and anchor that to a spoke. Now remove the first lever. Leap-frog the second lever by another 2" and repeat the process. After repeating this process about 3-4 times the tension pulling on the levers go slack. When slack you can peel the tire bead easily away from the rim. The key to working with 'Pro' tires and 'Nukes' is don't get too greedy when working the tire with the tire levers.
re: Michelin Axial Pro + Campy Nucleon tight fit.High Gear
Mar 1, 2003 5:14 AM
I do talc my tubes as one rider said. I will use your method in inching the irons out a little at a time. Both times I got the flat it was in the 90's and I'm pretty damn sure the rim grows that little bit in the high heat of the day that makes all the more tougher. I think I might want to try other tires though. I would hate for it to happen again on one of those real hot days, get super pissed, jump up and down on the wheels & frame then toss it under a semi as it passes by. No, my temper has gotten better over the years. I think I still have scars on the bottom of my feet from the huge blisters I acquired walking two miles to the cottage after the first flat.