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Easton Carbon Road Bars?(6 posts)

Easton Carbon Road Bars?weedman
Feb 28, 2003 2:03 PM
i'm switching soon to these and i'm wondering if anybody has any experience with easton's new oversized 31.8mm bars? will this become the new standard? i realize there aren't alot of stems available, but what's your take on these things? i'm 6'5'', 210lbs on an OCLV frame.
re: Easton Carbon Road Bars?russw19
Feb 28, 2003 8:23 PM
There actually are tons of really good stems available. The problem is that most are 2003 stock, and if you are looking at some mailorder places, they may not have them in stock yet. OR...... are you riding a quill type stem? If so, then you really won't find a 31.8 clamp stem. They are only available in threadless designs (I am sure at least one or two are available in a quill design, but not many.)

I ride a Deda Newton 31.8 stem and I love it. It is super light and very stiff. Everything you would want a stem to be. It is expensive, but not absurdly so. But you can get the Deda Magic stem for half the price, and it's only like 20 grams heavier. A few companies are coming out with really nice carbon stems this year and most should be available by the end of March. FSA, Time, Stella Azzura all have really really nice carbon stems coming out soon. Keep your eyes open, as there will be some sweet stuff to hit the market soon.

No real difference from Al except the pricehycobob
Mar 1, 2003 5:48 AM
Most of the guys I ride with tell me that they can't feel any real difference in aluminum or carbon bars...Easton or EMS. But a quality Al bar, stem, carbon fork combo will prove to be a big difference.
re: Easton Carbon Road Bars?Thorman
Mar 1, 2003 7:26 AM
I've been riding with the Easton bar for about a year now and can't say I've noticed much difference from my aluminum bar.

What's the deal with the new oversized stuff now? What are the advantages to having a larger diameter bar? It would seem to me that all you're doing is adding weight, albeit you may lose a gram or two since the stem would have a little less material in the clamp.

Oversize bars are supposed to be more flex resistant, too. (nm)jtferraro
Mar 1, 2003 10:33 AM
Don't think you can mount TT bars to Easton carbon hbars. (nm)jtferraro
Mar 1, 2003 10:34 AM