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11-25 Redux and C10 using Miche cogs...(3 posts)

11-25 Redux and C10 using Miche cogs...Spunout
Feb 28, 2003 9:39 AM
I've looked at the Miche site

and it looks like any combination under the sun is possible (even 11-28 if you're so inclined). Click on the "form compatability" button.

The cogs are not ramped like Campagnolo's, so how does it shift? Latest price saves alot over Chorus (which has suddenly become very expensive in Canada). 220 grams for Chorus, 335 grams for Miche. Big difference!

Anyone have experience with these?
shifts like crap according to Excel head wrenchlonefrontranger
Feb 28, 2003 9:45 AM
10-speed cassettes & conversion cassettes that actually work:

- true Campag 10
- Wheels Mfg. shimano conversions (I use them exclusively and love them, my coach claims they're noisier than true Campag)
- American Classic also Shimano conversions, never tried 'em but they should work as well as the Wheels.

Ones that don't work:

Miche - Now I have no personal experience with them, so this is hearsay from those who've used or wrenched on them and say they suck. Lack of lifters / ramps does seriously inhibit performance and our pro wrench at Excel claims they are nothing but headaches.
Mavic M-10 - I had one of these dogs, and the spacing is not compatible no matter what they say. Doesn't work.
re: 11-25 Redux and C10 using Miche cogs...barnaby
Feb 28, 2003 6:56 PM
Have been using a Miche cassette for over a year with a Chorus groupset. Haven't had any problems with shifting to date (have used it in training and for racing). Don't rate myself enough to be able to say whether it shifts slower or faster than Campag originals. Would say my failure to notice any significant difference with shifting means that it can't be too bad.
Also chose the Miche for the price over the Campag alternative and wasn't that concerned about the weight difference - although I guess those 100-odd grams would be a deal killer for some. Have some doubts about the wear of the cassette though and will probably need to replace it soon (it has led a hard life though on my all-weather trainer). Probably won't last as long as its Campag predecessor. However, this was first use of the Miche.
Note however, I have been using the Connex chain with it instead of the Campag chain. The Miche and Connex work well together.