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Jump squat leg pain...(kidding) train question(4 posts)

Jump squat leg pain...(kidding) train questionfunknuggets
Feb 28, 2003 8:27 AM
Not really a jump squat issue...just figured somehow this topic would be spun into a Podiumbound flame, but no... I wanted some help.

I'm working in heavy (not jump) squats and lunges into my routine, and the day afterwards and the day thighs and upper hams are absolutely blistered. Blistered to the point that it is difficult to sit or stand.

Am I lifting too heavy and ultimately how should I recover or deal with this post-squat pain without negatively impacting my training?

Should I lay off and let the muscle recover, should I spin an easy recovery ride right after the squat workout, later on in the day, the day after... or should I attempt to do my normal workouts, despite the muscular pain?

Heavy weightsBipedZed
Feb 28, 2003 8:42 AM
This is my first year doing weight training as part of a periodized annual plan. In January I was doing heavy squats (4 sets of 6 reps) twice a week and my legs were fried for the entire month. Climbing even minor hills was extremely frustrating. In Feb I transitioned to lighter weights more reps (3 sets of 15 reps) and my cycling has dramatically improved. The strength building of heavy weights really pays off in the future, but you will feel terrible while doing them and probably shouldn't be doing much planned intensity on the bike during this phase.

Heavy weights and cycling do not mix. Make sure you have a plan to transition to lighter weights. While in the heavy weight phase do a cool down on the bike of 10 minutes at 95 + rpm. Also try to get out for at least an hour spin at high rpm, low HR effort. Still you will feel like crap on the bike during any kind of effort, particularly hills.
how often are you lifting and when did you start?ColnagoFE
Feb 28, 2003 2:33 PM
sounds about normal for someone just beginning to lift. it is different than cycling and it'll take a while for your body to adapt. in the meantime dont go so heavy/intense and work on your form.
Do you stretch and take a high protein meal/protein shake after?Sprint-Nick
Feb 28, 2003 4:26 PM
Thanks for the mention of me. Just kidding!

I wouldn't say its possible to lift too much in a workout unless your tendons seem to be sore which in your case are not. The key is to lift with proper form and for the best gains go to failure (best achieved with a spotter). So with this said you are probably doing great in the weight room just failing on how to let your body recover.

Here are my 2 tips:
1) have a protein shake after my workout. This can be replaced by like a bagel with 100 g of meat or something like that if you don't want to buy protein powder.
2) stretch. I stretch almost religiously. After every workout I will try to do a 10 mins stretch stretching each glute, hamstring, hip flexor, quad and calf for a minute each. Now if you even cut this in half you'd get a great benefit from it.

Then another thing is the night of a hard workout or the following morning hop on the bike for 20 mins and just ride easy then do a light/heavy stretch depending on how you feel.

My 2 cents (and no they didn't fall out while doing the jump squat!),