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Should I name names?(9 posts)

Should I name names?StevieP
Feb 28, 2003 5:44 AM
I have had some problems with a well known mail order store here in the Uk. I ordered a new Chrous groupset with some wheels & additional items.

I have experienced delays, wrong parts sent, missing parts, parts of the groupset received at seperate times, stuff not in stock and a long wait for the missing stock (without being told). I have also had little or no response to e-mails and phone calls not returned.

Their prices are very good but their customer service is appalling. So much so that I won't use them again. I know mail order is sometimes a pain but I dont usually have problems with other stores.

They have annoyed me a great deal and I would love to flame them but is this the done thing on this forum?

flame or name?...Frith
Feb 28, 2003 6:09 AM
No need to flame them. Your explanation above goes far enough to describe the problems you've had with them.
I would certainly name them though. If I can avoid your experiences with a bit of prior knowledge I would do so. At the same time another poster could chime in with a story about how great or problem free that company has been.
Feb 28, 2003 6:09 AM
detail the problems and we'll decide the merits of your view. Might save someone else from the same fete.
re: Should I name names?mackgoo
Feb 28, 2003 6:12 AM
Actually this same thing is taking place in an unrelated board. A Porsche B/B. There I tried to introduce a little sanity.
So if you have truly considered the others point of view, and find their actions not understandable, then I would want to know of it so I could use the information for my self. You don't have to flame them though, just state the facts.
Feb 28, 2003 6:14 AM
Not to flame them to oblivion, but to set a Caveat for other buyers. For instance, don't pay until the entire order is in stock and ready for shipping. Double check your sizing and specifications. Just things to be careful of.

The company is cheapest because, well, they do things cheaply. They do not carry inventory, and are at the mercy of their distributor. Keep at them, be patient.
Agree, in business you haveIamhoosier
Feb 28, 2003 7:19 AM
3 things to offer. Quality, Service, Price. At the most a company can be # 1 in only two out of the three. The may not be #1 in any but two outa three is the most.
yes I would not hesitate!now I am curious who?nmthe bull
Feb 28, 2003 6:15 AM
Yup, I would appreciate it.RickC5
Feb 28, 2003 6:17 AM
Even though its doubtful I would order parts from a UK source, It would be good to know whom to avoid.

Just present your perspective. From what you stated in your post above, just a bit more detail would provide us with plenty of information from which to make an informed decision regarding this supplier.

The store is Dave Hinde Racing (nm).StevieP
Mar 3, 2003 12:32 AM