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Rivendell Weave Hints(3 posts)

Rivendell Weave HintsKeeponTrekkin
Feb 27, 2003 6:17 AM
I decided to try the weave, seduced by the guide posted by Scot_Gore. I had many problems getting a good job which I won't detail so I wrote to Rivendell! They forwarded my questions to the author of the article - Ted Durant. Ted promptly replied. The following excerpts are helpful to me so I'm sharing them here.

"I wouldn't dream of trying this with something like Cinelli wrap. The tape has to be flat, thin, flexible, and stretchable. I've only done it with Tressostar, but I would think Benotto plastic would work."

"Keeping the pattern consistent around bends is very difficult. You have to put a lot of tension on the tape to get it to conform. You're stretching the outside of the curve more than the inside. If you peel the tape back off the bar after a good, tight, wrap, you should see that the tape is now longer on one edge than on the other. I usually end up doing a lot of unwrapping and rewrapping, and it takes me a very long time to do a passable job."

Scot's post was invaluable to me; it's incredibly difficult to verbalize the process and Scot did a great job. Before long, you do get a rythm going, just as Scot said. It's just at that point that you get to a curve in the bars and get completly flummoxed.

Thanks to Scot_Gore for his detailed post, Rivendell and Ted Durant.

I did it recently too...biknben
Feb 27, 2003 6:27 AM
I too felt an urge to try the weave again after Scot's post. I had tried a couple years ago but fell victim to impatience and frustration.

This time around I got it to work and it looks pretty good. I'll post a pic if I remember.

I used Deda bar tape. I doubt I'll ever use another brand again. I was stretching the hell out of it and it didn't tear.
Glad I could help.Scot_Gore
Feb 27, 2003 7:32 AM
Ahhh.....grasshopper, now you know how blindfolded virgins on their honeymoon feel.......No, that's not right, back it off, do over.....No, that's not it either, back off, try again......REPEAT...repeat...repeat....

Ted's advice that you have to stretch the outside of the curve more than the inside is spot on. I didn't realize what that I was doing that at the time, but that's exactly right.

I'm only now beginning to understand the "don't use cork tape advice". I've been riding the rollers every day. Because the inside of the curve is pulled tight, the outside of the curve is (sort of) slack. I'm noticing that I starting to get some rollup action at the most slack points. Up here in the frozen north, this weave might not make it to the street if we stay in single digits much longer.

Thanks for the thanks