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call me crazy but...(25 posts)

call me crazy but...Tacos Jalisco
Feb 27, 2003 1:43 AM
Call me crazy but PODIUMBOUND.CA is, fortunately or not, part of not only this forum, but of the competitive road cycling community. Certainly there are more mature posters and/or less inflaming ones, yet I must say regardless of his aggressively and seemingly uncontrollably narcissistic personality, I reckon he could beat the crap out of me on a ride, because he trains harder, is younger, and is very apparently obssessed with the sport. I hate to say it, but I like the diverse array of wisdom, bullsh&t, random comments, total nonsense, and occasional gems of usefullness that are to be found on this board by the bizarre mix of contributors, even Nick! He has definitely been the catalyst for some useful discussions. And he shakes the place up some with his silliness sometimes. I've been yelled at for my nonsensical posts from time to time, yet have also recieved some invaluable feedback on sundry issues. Anyhow, at least the guy rides his arse off, no matter what he types! And I am fairly convinced that the miles and the obssession are what truly matters, not what spews from the mouth. Rock on, Nick!
Crazy. nmSpunout
Feb 27, 2003 4:18 AM
I agree...I Love Shimano
Feb 27, 2003 4:32 AM
..don't mind the sensitive Marys who think Nick is a prick!
give it a rest..cyclopathic
Feb 27, 2003 4:37 AM
Nick is o'k kid he just need to learn he is not welcome all the time. He may have very honest and sincere intentions but it doesn't come across that way.
Feb 27, 2003 6:05 AM
He claims to be a Cat 4 on the road, and an (Open) ? on the track. Does that mean that he is a 1-2 or just a 3 who sometimes gets to race in a 1-2-3 race ? Just by the things he says, he sounds like 16 year old Cat 5 who has just started racing.
Photos don't always tell the truth..
i agree but I'm going to call you crazy anyway...Frith
Feb 27, 2003 6:52 AM
just cause it's not very often you get invited to insult someone :)
Gregg, can you create a "Nick Discussions" board?mickey-mac
Feb 27, 2003 6:56 AM
The neverending PODIUMBOUND crap is beyond old and boring.
this thread would be really sad if "tacos jalisco" is Nick (nm)ColnagoFE
Feb 27, 2003 7:01 AM
Kristin, check this out. You know how.OldEdScott
Feb 27, 2003 8:17 AM
I prefer Chalupa's myselfKristin
Feb 27, 2003 10:49 AM
But I would infer that Taco's is the read deal. His first post was on Feb. 10. He appears to have a strong knowledge of the Asheville NC area. This probably isn't a NickTrick. BUT, we also can't assume that Quesadilla here has read many of Nicks posts, because he has not been with us for very long. He might have been lurking for years, but who knows...

And I'm not saying I don't like Nick. I think Nick could be very likable.
I think Nick is loving this attention(nm)PEDDLEFOOT
Feb 27, 2003 7:45 AM
Almost forgot.You're crazy :-) (nm)PEDDLEFOOT
Feb 27, 2003 7:46 AM
"Reality Internet Forum" .... :-) nmDougSloan
Feb 27, 2003 8:00 AM
Yes, but when do we get to vote someone off the island? nmjtolleson
Feb 27, 2003 9:02 AM
vote with silence, grasshoppa nmDougSloan
Feb 27, 2003 9:11 AM
Ah! A pearl of wisdom from "he who is so wise." nmjtolleson
Feb 27, 2003 9:36 AM
ah, but easier to give than follow own advice nmDougSloan
Feb 27, 2003 9:47 AM
Where is PodiumBoob when you need him ...MR_GRUMPY
Feb 27, 2003 9:08 AM
Jumping in the gym (nm)PEDDLEFOOT
Feb 27, 2003 10:12 AM
Actually I was doing...PODIUMBOOB_DOT_CA
Feb 27, 2003 10:52 AM
a special neck/throat workout to develop my naturally powerful eating/swallowing technique.

Using food as the weight, the food is chewed and is ready to be swallowed, tongue gradually presses against the upper palate from front to the back and thereby, pushes the bolus towards the pharynx. Bolus reaches the vallecula (two pockets around the root of the tongue). Larynx moves upward and forward. Epiglottis (a valve which covers the larynx while swallowing to prevent food from going into the larynx) is tipped downward. A stripping wave on the posterior pharyngeal wall moves downward. Food bolus flows over and around the epiglottis before entering the Upper Esophageal Sphincter (UES). UES, which is a rubber band type muscle fibre at the top of esophagus that keeps the entry to the esophagus closed, slackens and the stripping wave squeezes the bolus into the esophagus. Once the bolus reaches the esophagus, persitalsis (a downward moving contraction wave) starts which carries the bolus to the stomach. This process of bolus transport is comlicated, 3-dimensional and time dependent. Before the bolus enters the esophagus, flow is mainly inertia driven.

This is a super-hard workout. I love feeling the pump in my throat. The only thing that sucks, is that my parents won't let me swim until 30 minutes afterwards.
Wow, you're amazing...even rather god-like in your qualities.Kristin
Feb 27, 2003 11:21 AM
I am also a very good eater and compete nationally. The Canadian Hot Dog Eating Semi-Finals are in April and I need to start training. Last year the officials almost didn't let me to compete because I am a woman and they assume girls just can't each as much, or as fast as men. This is completely stupid. I am a great eater and when people see me eat, they say, "Amazing." After lots of debating, my team of lawyers and coaches convinced them to let me eat; but my times were not good and I did not get to go to the finals. This year I want to eat that Chris Eyers under the table! Can I try your workout and see if it improves my swallowing technique and times?

I'm more of a visual learner. So could you post some pictures of the workout? Please show each phase of the movement in detail. Also, I quit school in the 6th grades, so can you use smaller words next time?
I just re-read my post and I'm sorryKristin
Feb 27, 2003 4:39 PM
The inuendo...while funny, was unintentional. I apologize if I offended anyone.
Feb 28, 2003 9:06 AM
Sure it was unintentional. Don't worry, I don't blame you for being attracted to me. It's not your fault. I am a natural born hunk. It's kinda like the sirens' song. The only way you could stop your feelings would be if you gouged your own eyes out, so that you couldn't see my beautiful face and massive thigh muscles.

I hope that this doesn't seem egotistical of me. That's certainly not how I meant it. I am a sprinter.
I just legally changed my name to Chris Eyers . nmMerlinMan
Feb 28, 2003 6:37 AM
Thanks :) (nm)PODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Feb 27, 2003 2:12 PM