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Hard time selling on ebay, curious for some input(14 posts)

Hard time selling on ebay, curious for some inputhammer_cycle
Feb 26, 2003 4:42 PM
I'm trying to sell a complete bicycle for a friend on ebay. Its amazing how many hits the ad has been getting, but no one is biting. Has anyone had problems selling high end road bikes on ebay? The pricing is pretty aggressive so I'm suprised that even after 500+ visitors there is not one bid.

How well do higher end bikes sell on the ads here?
easy...lower the reservealansutton
Feb 26, 2003 4:52 PM
and people will bid.

You're probably asking way too much if no one bids.
re: Hard time selling on ebay, curious for some inputLeak
Feb 26, 2003 4:56 PM
It's kind of funny because eBay certainly doesn't promote this, but often times on longer auctions (how long is this auction) for nice stuff, one of two approaches is taken:

1. Someone puts in an early bid and hopes to discourage others from thus bidding or

2. Everyone, seeing that no one has bid yet, hopes to wait until the last minute and scoop it up for the initial asking price, under the assumption that if they don't bid, then that will lead others to assume that there is not much interest and/or value to the item.

If it's a nice bike and as aggressively priced as you say, I'll bet you'll see a frenzy on the last day or even in the last minute.

Finally, the other thing that might be happening is that people (like on this board) just like to see pictures of nice bikes, or if you didn't put this size in the headline, are finding out it's not their size.

Good luck!
The ads herejtolleson
Feb 26, 2003 4:59 PM
are a bargain, and my partner and I have sold two bikes that way. Both nice bikes, both Ultegra-equipped Litespeeds (one Classic with about 10,000 miles, and one Catalyst with maybe 4,000 miles which didn't fit me). Got about $1k for each of them. At $2 per ad, it is absolutely worth a shot and I've found that the folks who buy and sell on this site are good people. I've also bought one bike here for my sister.

AND the ads support rbr.
re: Hard time selling on ebay, curious for some inputRoger H
Feb 26, 2003 5:20 PM
Feedback is very important on Ebay, especially on high price items. People like to see some history for the seller. Also, a good photo or two is necessary, because most folks won't bid on something they can't see. I bought my current bike, a DeRosa, and a Look on this site (Road Bike Review). I have puchased a few bike parts etc. on Ebay but nothing very expensive (yet).
re: Use RBR..... Lot's of tricks...teoteoteo
Feb 26, 2003 5:42 PM
To Ebay like low reserve so more bidders get in on action. Also important to list to end on Sunday evening as it's a peak period. Also feedback is important if your listing. Certain brands don't do well on ebay--even though they are a good bike.

My preferance as a SELLER is to use RBR classified for the simple fact that I find consumers seem to be more bike savvy and thus make for a better buyer. You can talk fit, and get a feel for the buyer. That being said I have had a few RBR buyers be too demanding and skeptical which allows me the pleasure of picking another buyer that is easier to deal with. On ebay you don't get that kind of discretion.

Feb 26, 2003 6:06 PM
That's really right. I have an eBay rating of like 50, but all as a buyer. So when I went to sell something, we had my partner's DAD list it (true) because he has a high seller rating and that is important to people. If you know someone who is an established eBay seller, they could list it for you next go 'round
re: Hard time selling on ebay, curious for some inputnoveread
Feb 26, 2003 5:50 PM
High price items can be a crapshoot. For example, both of my high-end bikes came from ebay, or rather, as a result of ebay. The owners both offered the bikes on ebay, but I felt had asked too much. I waited, nobody bid and I made an offer offline, both accepted. Latest was two months ago.

re: Hard time selling on ebay, curious for some inputdesmo
Feb 26, 2003 5:57 PM
Agree the RBR classifieds are excellent exposure to serious buyers.

You don't include info on what you are selling so it's hard to give advice about ebay. I have lots of experiance selling on ebay, and would say I've done best parting out complete high end bikes. There's going to be a lot more buyers for individual parts, and a frameset, then finding the right person who likes everything about, and fits a complete bike. A lot of people (like myself) buy a few parts when we can afford them for future projects. Probably more work then you want to do for a friend this time, but good advice for others selling their stuff on ebay.
not including info as to not use this site for gain...hammer_cycle
Feb 26, 2003 6:43 PM
I'm not including the details on the auction because I don't want to shamelessly advertise the item I'm selling.

I guess you are right about selling the parts individually. The bicycle is brand new with nice components and it is being listed at about 40-45% off the list price, which I think is a pretty good deal, especially for a new bike. I guess you are right that the frameset and components will be an easier sell separately.

Thanks everyone for the good input. Hopefully someone will buy this nice bicycle! Every nice bike needs a good home! hehe
most of you jackasses selling stuff used...the bull
Feb 26, 2003 7:10 PM
are asking way too much.
like a ultgra wheelset used for 150.00
when you can get one new 200
Just look at the prices these dummies are asking for there stuff.Are you smoking crack.
go to total cycling and see how much a set of ksyriums ssc are selling for new I bet you there a at least 5 bozos tring to sell them for more used.
like a fork - ozuo pro 250 or 200 used.
last month one online place was selling them for 200 new!
get a clue - once you use you bike stuff it probally not gonna be worth as much.
take a chill pilljtolleson
Feb 26, 2003 8:26 PM
you can give your thoughts without being a total jerk. What are you, an alter for Lazywriter?

Yes, folks don't seem to understand how soft the market is for used bike parts. That doesn't mean they need to be insulted.
It is true... but...filtersweep
Feb 27, 2003 8:25 AM
...sometimes it is the bidders that drive prices up... not always seller's greed.

I'm going to buy a Polar S720i- I can buy it for $250 shipping included online- or pay $225 + inflated shipping for last year's 710?! How does that make sense? And I'm talking about no reserve auctions...

I sold a bike on ebay last year that sold for what it sells for NEW on clearance (if you could find the size and color). A last-minute bidding war erupted. But it was the bidders willingness to pay ($300 more than I ever expected to receive) rather than my own greed at pricing the bike.

The best psychology as a seller is to post a ton of pics- be BRUTALLY honest in the description (as in point out EVERY single flaw), to have no opening bid, but a reasonable reserve... don't have the auction end at 4am, or during the work day. People will take nibbles (those jokesters that bid $50 and other lowballers...) until reserve is met. By then there are like 30 bids, so it appears to be a happening auction- and the fact that there are 30 bids (even if only by 5 or 6 separate bidders) it instills confidence for new bidders to enter the fray. Don't expect reserve to be met until the final day.

BTW- it ended up selling for more than the buy it now price...
Zero feedback??Alexx
Feb 27, 2003 4:46 AM
With all the EBay bike scams going on right now (not only the Nigerian scammers, but now a whole bunch of scammers from England and Italy, too), having a "zero" rating is just about the kiss of death. buy a few small things first, establish a rating, then sell it.
FWIW, most bid are put in on the last hour of the auction. If you don't get any bids then, well, your price is too high.
Give us the link to your auction-I'm sure you'll have no shortage of people telling you what is wrong with it!