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Dehydrated yet bloated? What's up with this?(15 posts)

Dehydrated yet bloated? What's up with this?PseuZQ
Feb 25, 2003 11:44 AM
What causes that edema-like swelling of ankles and eye-bags and stuff after a long ride? It seems as though it's possible to be dehydrated yet have some fluid-induced bloatiness. I seem to read about this now and then and notice it happens to me occasionally. Is this an electrolyte imbalance? Ever happen to anyone else?
Certain time of the month perhaps. (nm)onespeed
Feb 25, 2003 12:25 PM
Feb 25, 2003 12:51 PM
Oh. Wait. Maybe it does....
LOL! nmPdxMark
Feb 25, 2003 3:37 PM
Feb 25, 2003 12:36 PM
pull over and drink some pickle juice.

Best is to carry some electrolyte pills and use them as need this is common problem.
Thinking of E-CapsPseuZQ
Feb 25, 2003 2:48 PM
Or endurolytes or whatever they're called...

I keep salt and potassium with me on longer rides just in case. Thing is I wind up basically guessing how much of each to take, and when.
don't think buy 'emcyclopathic
Feb 25, 2003 3:58 PM
endurolytes're very good product. they also contain magnesium and help to fight cramps.

3 is usually enough to revive dead body in 15-20min. It was done to me and since then I had a chance to resurrect several fellow cyclists
? about e-capspa rider
Feb 25, 2003 4:19 PM
I had this problem last year at a 12 hour race with temp about 98 degree. I used gatorrade the first time and drank water to get rid of the bloated, stop using those sport drinks.

My question is how do you work those e-caps into your race when it's for 12 hours? Do you take 3 capsule a few time for the event?

I'm planning on using soy this year (like the sustain energy) for racing and hammer gel. Not sure if I will see any big advantage with the capsules. I gain too much weight when I take all these products. I only would want to use the capsules for 12 hour races or 100 mtb races (over 8 hours long).

Any information would help cyclopathic.

I've come up with this mixture. . .Mike P
Feb 26, 2003 5:48 AM
I started using E-Caps / Hammer Nutrition products a little over 3 years ago. I have experimented with different combinations and come up with something that works nicely for me. On my rides of 4 or more hours, I mix up the following.

Two scoops of Sustained Energy per hour.
Two to four Endurolytes per hour, (I vary the number of endurolytes based on how hot it is; hotter = more).

For example, on an 8 hour ride, in a 32 oz bottle, I add 8 scoops of Sustained Energy and I break open 8 of the Endurolytes capsules and dump them into the bottle. I will usually add a bit of orange Hammer Gel just for flavor. Then fill with water. That lasts the first 4 hours. For the next 4 hours, I mix the same ratio of Sustained Energy and Endurolytes in a zip-lock sandwich bag. When the first bottle is empty, I just need cold water to mix the bag with.

While riding, I have a couple swallows every 20 minutes and chase it with some water to thin it out in the stomach. I also try to drink some water every 10 minutes.

One thing about the Sustained Energy, it tastes like crap when it gets warm or sits for a while so mix with liquid when you are heading out the door. That is the main reason I came up with the zip-lock bag idea.

Thank's Mike (NM)pa rider
Feb 26, 2003 10:20 AM
? about e-capscyclopathic
Feb 26, 2003 9:53 AM
had the same experience using Gator, PwrAid, Cytomax etc.

As Mike said E-caps recommend from 1-4/hr. I go by the water 1 for every 16oz of water I drink /1-2 for every bottle/ so it ends up being less. One of the things you'd see with endurolytes that you need much less water and maintain the same weight/no bloating.

BTW which 12hr race? Not sure how much water you'd need for 8-12hr MTB race in 98F. This time of the year I need ~1/2 bottle for century.


PS. Disagree with comment above on sustain energy. It always tastes like crap even fresh mixed.
I'm from pennsylvaniapa rider
Feb 26, 2003 10:19 AM
so there's only two 12 hour races in central pennsylvania. We did one up Ole Bull to promote mountain biking in pa last year. That was in august and it got real hot.

A local cat II racer is doing a 12 hour race at his girlfriend/future wife dad's farm. He's planning on doing it Memerial day weekend (8am to 8pm). I did two of his races there last year and the course takes about 35 to 60 minutes to get a lap. He 's trying to give some coaching advice on the side and ask me to refer those racers looking for help to email him. He has a few clients and was the one who told me take the info at e-caps with a grain of salt. He doesn't believe they have enough documentation to say their results are true.

That's why I'm doing some researching onmine own. I do agree about the sport drinks and food are not the correct resource for refueling when rides get over 4 hours long. I'm not too sure about the endurolytes capsules. I do understand why bikers now eat bananas on rides (you need the potassium).

I know of two 24 hour races that my friends do (snowshoe WV and seven springs out by somerset PA). There are two 101 miles races in this area as well (Snoeshoe wv know as shenandoa vally and State college PA wilderness 101). I did the one in Pennsylvania in 1993. This time it has over 9,000 feet of climbing and is run in July 27 (meaning it will be hot).

I already decided on the two 12 hour races, but the 24 hour races are steap on entry fees (about $125 per team member, usually 4 to 5 on a team). I just need to ride more 5 to 6 hour rides to get in shape for the wilderness 101. I figure it will be 8 to 9 hours for me. That one cost about $100 to enter, but at least they drop of your packages at the water station for you. I crapped real bad the last hour when I did that race 10 years ago.

I cramp more biking on mtb rides than I do doing century rides on the road. That's why I want to hear more about the endurolytes caps.

Thanks for the info.

where at?cyclopathic
Feb 26, 2003 2:44 PM
we have some rides in South Central PA usually west of Gettysburg around Chambersburg/Shippensburg and north. There're some good climbs.

From what I've heard about Wildeness 101 it mostly fireroads only ~20mi of trail and it isn't that much climbing at least comparing to Shenandoah 100. If you're Cat 2/3 you will eat it.
where at?pa rider
Feb 26, 2003 4:48 PM
I'm from up harrisburg. I ride with the YAMBA club this winter (York area mtb club). We got over to glen rock and hanover to do some road rides this month. My road club is HBC (Harrisburg bycle club). I'm involved with three mtb clubs (doing trail work mainly, plus I got over 35 hours trail work last year).

Frank mcguire, from penn State, runs the wilderness 101 race. He put more singletrack into the race compared to the 1993 original race course. Alot of the trails are from his "Epic 3" ride. They had Greg Herbold (he was a downhill mtb pro race usa and world cup champ in the early 90's) do their epic ride and got it list as one of the 20 epic rides in the USA (epic ride is labeled as 6 hour ride which every mtb ride "Must do" in their lifetime).

Frank told me about the race course and said it is rough, so a cross bike is not recommended. I think the cannondale with the headshock would work. I have to look into it by May to see if I can build one up in time, or I have to use my full suspension jekyll (can you say tank).

Even in my best form I won't do the Shenandoah 101 race. That's 14,000 feet of climbing. I like to do only 5,000 feet of climbing up bald eagle forest. We had an accountant do the race last summer and he said he was sore for a month after the race (shenandoah 101). He swears he saw "Jesus" the last 10 miles.

Chris Eatall wins the race for Trek east coast factory team. His team mate is the one girl who's boy friend Mike KUhn is doing a 12 hour race at her dad's farm on memerial day (Osterling I think is her last name).

I only rode once with Chris Eatall, but his Dad is a hammer head (bloody ass british). He took the master world downhill for Parker (he found Yeti) in 2000 world in spain. Mike's about 58 and wants to race the 20 year olds. He usually kicks there butt, that's why Chris is so damn good.

You going to do the "Ironmaster" race in april that jessie puts on up here in Carisle? He's running the course in a different direction so everybody doesn't get bored with it (I did it 11 years out of the 13 years it was run).

Maybe I'll see you at the race in april.

re: Dehydrated yet bloated? What's up with this?Sharkman
Feb 25, 2003 1:28 PM
Probably not applicable in your case, but just to be on the safe side - I had similar symptoms in my right leg about 10 years ago. It turned out to be a blood clot in my leg that required hospitalization. Be very careful with ankle swelling that is not explained by some sort of trauma, e. g. ankle sprain, fracture, etc.

Blood clots in your leg if unchecked, can break loose and go to your lungs, where they can be fatal. Again, if you have the symptoms in both ankles, that would alleviate some of the concern I would otherwise have. It would be very unusual to get clots simultaneously in both lower legs.

But I speak up just to be on the safe side.

Good luck