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Just got my new pedals installed....(1 post)

Just got my new pedals installed....joekm
Feb 25, 2003 6:08 AM
Thanks to all who contributed their advice. Based on this forum, advice from my local bike club, and advice from the local amature racers, I wound up going with the Shimano PD-R600 SPD-SL pedals (Ultegra model - could not justify the extra expense of the Dura-Ace model). A lot of people also suggested the LOOK pp206. In fact, they were my second choice if I wasn't able to find a LBS with PD-R600 pedals.

So far, all I've done is install them and spun enough on the rollers to make an initial check of the cleat positioning. Seems to be OK but I'll need to get some distance on them to finish fine tuning their position. Stack height seems about the same as my old pedals but, again, I'll get some distance on them to see if I need to adjust seat/ handlebars.

Right off the bat, I noticed three things:

1) Despite being single sided, clip in is considerably easier than with my Ritchey dual-sided SPD's

2) Even at the lowest setting, clip out tension is higher than my dual-sided SPD's (although I may have them adjusted loose).

3) Pivoting float is about the same or perhaps slightly more generous but this side-to-side float is kinda different.

After I get some time on them, I'll post a full review.