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Tubular riders; your opinions(6 posts)

Tubular riders; your opinionstmguy
Feb 24, 2003 1:40 PM

I have a set of Campy Electrons with Vittoria CX TT tires. I glued these on three seasons ago. I don't pull these out very often, but it is nice to have them when you want that absolute advantage only tubulars can give you (and you know they do!). The rear tire is obviously wearing a faster than the front. They are stored in wheelbags in a nice cool place.


1) Should I rotate the rear to the front? This has the hassle of pulling them off, distubing the base tape, etc. (Although Sheldon Brown disagees; for good reasons.)

2) Should I reglue them after all this time?

3) And for the real esoteric; how long should one age a tubular (Vittoria Extremes bought two years ago and stretched on rims in cool dark place; are they now at the proper vintage for use?)

I also have clinchers (Neutrons) so no anti-tubular rhetoric, please.

At least reglue them...biknben
Feb 24, 2003 1:59 PM
I'd highly recommend you reglue them. Even if you do nothing else. I would expect that glue is very dry. You may be surprised how easily the tires come off the rim.

To rotate or not to rotate always opens up a debate here. I find that my front lasts twice as long than the rear. I was messing with my tubbies last night. My front is in desperate need of replacement but my rear has plenty of life left and hasn't been on the rim that long. I'll probably just replace the front. If the rear had life but had been on for a while I would want to at least reglue it. In this case, I would move it to the front and add new rubber to the rear.

FWIW: I notice that the glue seems to age faster with Corsa CX tires. My guess is the quick rate of deflation. My corsa will have little or no air pressure after only a few days. The constant expansion and contraction may have something to do with the glue not lasting as long.

Aging a tubular? Let them stretch on a rim as long as you can wait. For me, that is overnight. I think 2 years is enough!!! (sarcasm)
re: Tubular riders; your opinionsJimP
Feb 24, 2003 2:07 PM
I thought about the tire rotation questions and read some of the threads over the past weeks and have come to my conclusion that I will not rotate my tires back to front. The back tire does wear faster than the front and eventually ends up being somewhat square. I don't want to lose any traction on the front so I want the best tire up there, not some half worn out one. If I do any rotation, it will be to put a new tire on the front and move that one to the back when the rear needs replacing.
Your question of regluing is different - what kind of glue was used and how good was the glue job? I have found tires strongly glued after 2 years - with a moderate glue job with Conti glue.
I had a tubular come unglued. Ouch!Continental
Feb 24, 2003 2:44 PM
I think it was red vittoria glue. It became brittle after less than 3 seasons and the tire rolled right off the rim on a hard corner. Man, that hurt. I've been on clinchers ever since. If you don't reglue, at least give them a good test. Pump them up to about 60 psig, find some guy with real strong hands, and see if he can roll them off the rims.
re: Tubular riders; your opinionsmapei boy
Feb 24, 2003 4:13 PM
I agree with Continental. Test the glue by giving your tires a good yank. All the way around. But not too hard, or you'll yank them loose and will have to re-glue them anyway. By the way, I've found aging a tire to be over-rated. It's never done any harm, but I never noticed whether it did any good.
Thanks for the responses.tmguy
Feb 25, 2003 9:09 AM
I used the clear VIttoria cement. I will pump them up and see if the glue is still sticking. It can't hurt to reglue them in any event. I agree that it is best to keep the good tire on the front (as per Sheldon Brown and others).

I will keep the Extremes on their rims until needed!