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had old school shallow drop/nonergo bars gone?(8 posts)

had old school shallow drop/nonergo bars gone?cyclopathic
Feb 24, 2003 7:57 AM
I went through the banch of catalogs and I can't find any in size 40cm.. how sad :-(
re: had old school shallow drop/nonergo bars gone?Andy M-S
Feb 24, 2003 8:10 AM
I have a pair for you--in 40! Profile Hammer, non-ergo, shallow, single-grooved, black. If you're interested, drop me a line at: marchant shapiro AT yahoo (dot) com (please remove all spaces within the bolded area and translate as appropriate...
not if you're a pro, but they can be found...Spunout
Feb 24, 2003 8:19 AM
Funny enough, ergo bars are not ergo for me. I have no place for my hands. You could call (ask, they are not listed) or (listed).

I have Deda 215 on order from my LBS. They are available in shallow (Italian) and Deep(Belgian) drop styles. I prefer the deep, because I ride with the top of the bars horizontal (works great with Campy Ergos). The drops point down towards the rear brake bridge, but that is usually my perfect position.

Try that out, adjust the bars by finding the perfect position in the drops (on a trainer) that allow your wrists to be natural and strong. Suprisingly, this position is not attainable with ergo-bars.
re: had old school shallow drop/nonergo bars gone?desmo
Feb 24, 2003 8:38 AM
when I was looking for some old logo Cinelli 64's for a resto, I came across lots of later logo and grooved versions of this classic bend on ebay and NOS pairs on various sites. lots of 40's as well. should not be too hard to find.
by ergo, do you mean anatomic?rufus
Feb 24, 2003 9:31 AM
or do you mean with grooves for brake and shifter cables?

deda still makes them, but the problem is that the mail order houses only stock the anatomic versions, and usually only in black. any shop should be able to order them for you.

there's something to be said about old style curved deep drop silver bars like the cinelli or ttt competizione.
No, but finding them is more difficultboneman
Feb 24, 2003 9:41 AM
If you're in the US, best bet is to look for Ritchey bars which are available in a non-ergo, traditional bend. TTT still makes a model available in the TDF (shallow) and Merckx (deep) drop non-ergo bend. Other's have pointed out the Deda bars and ITM, both the 260 and Millenium are still made in traditional bends.

I used to ride Cinelli 66's which are deep drop and now use ITM 260's. They're traditional bend and shallow drop, similar to the old Cinelli 64 and 63 in drop.

And they're all made in 40 center to center (= 42 outside to outside) measure.
I have TTTs shallowcyclopathic
Feb 24, 2003 10:23 AM
with long reach and I love them. I could try to order if they still make them problem is this goes on a beater, I don't wanna put major $$
Deda makes them in the 215 model. (NM)High Gear
Feb 24, 2003 5:52 PM