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Cheap bikes in Singapore!(3 posts)

Cheap bikes in Singapore!Telejensen
Feb 24, 2003 2:30 AM
Hey all friendly boardmembers!

Just wanted you to know they have cheap roadbikes in Singapore! I were just oer there for vacation from Denmark, and bikeprices are half what in my homecountry.

I happen to be a NEWBIE in roadcycling, and have borrowed a great Pinarello Prince of my friend for 3 mth. I liked it Sooo much, and bought my very first bike in Singapore, when i saw the cheap prices!

I bought a 2003 Trek 5500, usps color, with upgraded parts. Xlites, racelite, and Ti Sanmarco Saddle. All for the cheapo price of 4000 SIN Dollars. Approx 2500 US, and thats all brand new!!!

I can't wait too get back home in 3 mth. to ride my new first roadbike!!! I consider myself VERY lucky to have such a great bike as my first...! Hey, did i tell you they will ship them over???

Look at, they have no prices up at the site, but mail them for quest, they have been very friendly to me anyway!!


Jesper Jensen, Denmark.
don't forget....divve
Feb 24, 2003 5:05 AM
....once Danish customs is done with your bike it will cost you about 50% more than you've paid....
re: Cheap bikes in Singapore!ParticleMan
Feb 25, 2003 8:11 AM
I am from Singapore..and yes, some bikes are cheaper here than elsewhere. Shimano parts are amongst the cheapest in the world, and Colnago is cheapest in the world here - thanks to a nutty distributor. But Singapore has the most expensive cars in the world, so getting a high end bike is not extravagant. In fact, there are more Pinarello Prince, Colnago C40, Trek 5900, De Rosa, all Record equipped bikes per capita than anywhere else in the world. Check out - thats a LBS run by our former champion and one of Asia's best. And best part is, Singapore is one big urban traffic nightmare..and yet we are cycling mad [at least us roadies]! So, welcome to Singapore, and I will be happy to ride with you, and show you the best deals!! Cheers!