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Challanging the "hills" of Talbot County.(2 posts)

Challanging the "hills" of Talbot County.Len J
Feb 23, 2003 7:19 PM
Forecast for today was 50 in the morning droping to 30 by 4 PM with increasing winds leveling out to 25 to 35 MPH SSW with gusts to 45. Having been rideless for the last few weeks, I decided to go out for a 2 hour ride. I figured I'd do a quick 20 miler down to Oxford & Back and then just ride down to Trappe or so until I had done 2 hours. Nice plan but as most generals know, the best plans never survive the first encounter with the enemy.

I started out towards Oxford because that would put me into the wind for the first 10 miles or so. Well as I rode the wind freshened and before I realized it I was going slower and slower (I was trying to stay in Zone 2, Good luck). 13 mph, 12 mph, 10 mph, I'm in the small ring and running out of gears in the back, 9 mph, 7 mph, wind is still freshening, 5 mph, 5 mph, OK I'll just consider this a 7 mile hill & spin up it (Remember Talbot county is the flattest place on earth) so this "hill" has some false flats where I get up to 10 or so and some "switchbacks where I'm down to 4 or so, but I'm doing OK. Next thing I know a Gust comes up and (I swear to God).....stops me dead. I had to unclip to keep from going over. It must have looked hilarious from the road, one minute I'm doing 5mph & the next it was like I hit a wall & just stopped.

Once the gust eased, I finished the "hill". 10 miles in 55 minutes averaging about 11 Mph (counting the flats behind the trees. Hard damn work.

So I turn around to go back. Before I know it I'm doing 28mph and my heartrate is in zone 1. My speed going back fluctuated between 22 and 30 & I never got into zone 3. Amazing. Took me less than 25 minutes to get back.

Love those "downhills".

God it was good to get off the trainer for a change.

Len you're da mancyclopathic
Feb 24, 2003 7:08 AM
I rode 90mi on Sat in that little rain we had and when I looked out on Sun I decided to bail out. Wind was brutal.