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Ever ride Merlin or Litespeed's new "comfort" frames?(4 posts)

Ever ride Merlin or Litespeed's new "comfort" frames?kelmeboyAZ
Feb 23, 2003 5:47 PM
My Look KG381 is a wonderful ride but my back "feels" the geometry after 3 hrs in the saddle. Merlin has introduced the "Solis" and Litespeed the "Veneto" with taller head tubes and more upright geometry. Anyone ridden these or have any comments on these frames? Are these strictly old geezer frames that will get me scoffed at on club rides?
the answer to your question is yesColnagoFE
Feb 24, 2003 8:08 AM
but who cares...ride what is comfortable and works for your needs. i'm not sure why one would spend big $ on a bike like that though.
re: Ever ride Merlin or Litespeed's new "comfort" frames?USMC LogO
Feb 24, 2003 3:08 PM
I have the Veneto and, while fairly expensive, it meets my needs better than any other frame I have looked at. I would not call it a "comfort" frame though. Essentially the head tube is longer therefore raising your bar height, much in the same way as adding spacers. It may or may not be more comfortable depending upon your build. It is another way of getting a fit that is right for someone that does not like the fit of other frames.

My problem was not so much needing a more upright position but rather a bike that did not have too much drop from the saddle to the bars. I am 6'4" with long legs and short torso, so even some 63cm frames would have as much as a 6" drop. Since I am not a racer, I valued comfort over position.

Once fitted, I found I could get about a 3" drop with the stem in a level position. If I turn the stem over it decreased to a 2" drop. I have not cut the fork tube yet as I am still looking for the best position for me.

I purchased the XL and with pedals and attachments it still comes in under 19lbs. While not light by most standards it meets my criteria. I no longer have back pain, nor numbness in my hands, and my neck and shoulders are still good to go after a long ride. This should be a lesson to all that fit is the most important aspect of a bike purchase. While I could have spent less I did not find any other frame, this side of custom, that worked for me. BTW, I did not pay MSRP and received an ugrade on the wheels from Cosmos the Ksyrium SLs. It was a slow winter day at the LBS and they needed a sale.

One item that did help my decision was a review on the Tuscany (see URL). While it NOT the same bike much of what is addressed does apply to the Veneto. The bike is solid, and silent on the road. The Ultegra performs as expected and the frame is worthy of future upgrades. I think you would be well served by taking a test ride to see for yourself whether it will help with your pain.

Good luck,

re: Ever ride Merlin or Litespeed's new "comfort" frames?kelmeboyAZ
Feb 24, 2003 5:09 PM
Thanks alot Scott, i'll do that!