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Today's ride report (200km Brevet)-Plenty of sunny pictures(8 posts)

Today's ride report (200km Brevet)-Plenty of sunny picturesPeterRider
Feb 22, 2003 11:18 PM
I did the San Luis Obispo 200km brevet today. Very nice ride.

The pictures with the ride report are on
Follow the link ! There will be no popup, no popunder, no advertisement whatsoever.

Just wondering why they ask for 20$ for a completely unsupported ride, they also require to become a member for 15$. This is just robbery...

re: robberycyclopathic
Feb 23, 2003 12:24 AM
it is actually 20$ to become RUSA member not 15$. Membership is annual and it is required for PBP. ACP will only accept applications via RUSA.

With respect for event fee out of 15$ half goes to cover insurance and another half to rent in hotel. Some brevets charge more but they also provide food at checkpoints and/or sleep accommodations. If you ever go to some organized centuries out west they charge 100$+. RBA makes no money on brevets this is not the reason he/she is doing it.
I paid 20$ RUSA + 15$ membership for this club. Was robbery.PeterRider
Feb 23, 2003 11:01 AM
There was no hotel to rent, no food at checkpoints, nobody there at turnaround point. No arrangement with the bar where we turned around to get a free coffee, they didn't even tell them that they would have to sign brevet cards all day. Absolutely crappy organization.

I usually pay 35-45$ for a regular century and I'm happy to pay, but here 20+15 for absolutely no support was robbery. Well, sure, nobody forced me to go... Around here Chris Kostman from Planet Ultra charges 5$ for the brevets that he organizes. And he seems to follow the course since he takes pictures... I'll do one that he organizes in 2 weeks, we'll see.

15$ membership for this club?cyclopathic
Feb 23, 2003 12:05 PM
so that's how they got the insurance, clever. Take a deep breath your brevet was free. As the matter of fact if I were you I'd come for next one and do it for free.

There's a big problem with bicycling insurance now. Costs for organized events skyrocketed our series almost got cancelled. Making you a club member allows to use club insurance. Chris Kostman lives off organizing tours and he uses his business insurance. His cost must be lesser.

RUSA membership was optional you could have declined it if you do not wish to ride PBP.

And your complain about no support this is the way brevets are intended. Self-supported no excuse. Get used to.

Last year on 600 one of the riders broke his handlebar ~150mi into ride right on my eyes. Bar cracked at the stem and left half was completely separated. He got to next check point (~20mi) holding one hand on stem, then he nagged from a restorant owner a couple hose couplings, stuffed a stick in and continued for some odd 200mi+ w/o ever getting off the saddle, not being able to put much pressure on handlebar or use brakes more then 20-30%. I don't know how he got over Skyline drive, there's 5-7mi 8% downhill with countless switchbacks.

He still managed reasonable time ~35hr. I caught up with him 40mi to the finish and we rode together. I got 7hr of sleep he never stopped.
Sorry was not clear: 20$RUSA + 15$ membership + 20$ brevet.PeterRider
Feb 23, 2003 1:19 PM
... so if the insurance is covered by the membership, this leaves 20$ for the brevet. If they billed me 5$ for sending the paperwork to RUSA I wouldn't mind, but 20 is a bit much. Alright, nobody forced me to go and I spent a very nice day.

are you getting a medal?cyclopathic
Feb 23, 2003 2:40 PM
in all brevets I've ridden they have 7-8$ medal option. If medal included it isn't so bad.

Pricewise 20$ is inline with other brevets. Our brevets are 15$ advanced/20$ on site (includs afteride shower in shared room, cookies, bananas at start/finish). It used to be 12$/15$ on site. In other places it's 25$/30$ on site, 30-40$ for longer ones.

Maybe you got screwed up or maybe they got screwed up on insurance I can't tell. Either way it's not much it costs ~1,200-1,500 to go to France for PBP. Unfortunately unlike that russian guy in '99 you can't ride your bike to stat line.
nope, no medal. 7$ extra.PeterRider
Feb 23, 2003 6:38 PM
well, if you tell me that 20$/brevet is not so much a bad deal, maybe it's 25-45$ for a regular century with support/food that is a good deal...

For PBP, I don't know yet...

1. 400K and 600K still sound like incredibly long distances.

2. 1200-1500 is indeed expensive. In december the ticket cost me 500$ to go home for Christmas, but it seems that during the summer there is NO possibility of finding such prices... And thinking that I paid 200$ for a one-way from Paris 2 years ago at the end of august... :-( We'll try to get some funding from school if we go to PBP.

Feb 24, 2003 6:51 AM
Chris Kosmanis the best deal, really. Check brevet schedule on RUSA site you'd see all other brevets cost more.

1200-1500$ is bare minimum. PBP itself is only ~130$ but tickets run ~700-800$ and then you spend another 400-500$ on hotel, 35$ on bag drop. Plus food, transportation etc. You can do better if you find cheap fare and camp out.

PBP itself is a great party locals crowding and cheering you up, all you can eat food/wine at checkpoints. 3500 riders. It's like riding TdF for a few days and nights ;).

With respect to 400k and 600k if you manage 600k you'll do ok on 1200. If you can ride 2 back to back double metrics you'd be ok on 600. 400km is probably the hardest, it is the first 250mi in season and there isn't much time to take longer break and recover.

well it's been a nice discussion good luck on your brevets