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Anyone have a bike from Bill Holland in San Diego?(4 posts)

Anyone have a bike from Bill Holland in San Diego?helminth
Feb 22, 2003 8:40 PM

I'm curious if any of you guys have had experience with Bill Holland cycles in San Diego. How good was his sizing methods or system. I've been leary of doing long-distance custom order as I'm not really sure what will work best for me, although I do know that other builders would cost less.

I'm about 6'5" with most of my height in the the torso and relatively short legs which makes finding a factory bicycle a bit tough. My stock bikes have always been too tall to get a top tube of any reasonable length.

I'm sort of local to him (I live in Los Angeles) and was considering a trip down to his shop. Pictures would really be welcome too, I've never seen a Holland in person but he always seems get good reviews in the forums on the net but he apparently has no website.

Johnny (
re: Anyone have a bike from Bill Holland in San Diego?Bruno S
Feb 22, 2003 8:46 PM
I don't have one but a lot of guys at the San Diego Bicycle Club ride them.

They have a message board and you can ask there:
Have you tried a professional fitting ?Ambishawn
Feb 23, 2003 9:58 AM
Before I bought My frame I had a professionl fitting performed at Open Air Bicycles in Ventura. With the data from the fitting I had data I could apply to any frame either off the rack or Custom. When I did my fitting I included the Serrotta Size Cycle in the equation. I think this is the most important part. An experienced fitter can eye your positioning and adress problems with your current ride that affects profromance or comfort. We also used the Independent Fabrications fit guide for all the measurements. Like you I have a long torso and short legs and most off the rack bikes have top tube lengths too short for me. Once an off the rack bike has proper top tube length the standover is unacceptable. You should have the top tube length combined with proper saddle set back and a 120mm stem. This set up offers the best handling and ability to maintain a good cadence. Your flexablity factor is more determined by handlebar height relitive to the seat. The first thing they do on a serotta size cycle is set your saddle height and set back for proper knee over pedal spindle then they go from that position. Your Data sheet should include the following, All your body measurements, componets you plan on using, type of riding you plan on doing, the head and seat tube angles for your new frame and all the measurements for the new frame. You can submit this data sheet to any of the frame builders and have them build a frame just for you.

In the L.A. area the shops I know that have the size cycle are: Helen's in Arcadia
Bicycle John's in Burbank
Open Air Bicycles in Ventura
Jump in the car...DMoore
Feb 23, 2003 4:02 PM
and head for Spring Valley (just east of SD). I have an older steel Holland from the late '80's (bought it used), and it's a terrific bike. Most of Bill's work these days is in Ti, and he's an absolute master. A lot of Master's racers in SoCal are on his bikes, and they are universally admired.

Long-distance ordering isn't necessarily a problem. I live in SoCal, and bought a bike a few years back from Richard Sachs in Connecticut. He nailed the fit, and it ended up being the best fitting, most comfortable bike I've ever had.

Even so, as close as you are to San Diego you should just head down to Bill's shop. Once you've met him and seen his work, I'd be very surprised if you don't order a bike from him.