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What happened to the idea of... (PODIUMBOUND related)(1 post)

What happened to the idea of... (PODIUMBOUND related)empacher6seat
Feb 21, 2003 6:11 PM
For anyone who's been reading Nick's posts lately, you can tell he's not made himself into much of a popular fellow around here. However, all the replies he's been receiving has forced me to ask myself this: whatever happened to not reading, or not responding to, posts by posters you don't like?

I'll Admit, Nick comes off as arrogent in some of his posts, but who cares? Will telling him that give him some huge realization about his behaviour? Will it make you feel better about yourself? Has it worked when similar responses were given to similar posts of his?

If you think Nick, or anyone else, is a troll, then DON'T FEED HIM!

By the way, there seems to be lots in the way hypocrisy here. I mean, sure Nick can seem arrogant, immature, and irresponsible, but take a look at so many other posters on this board! Remember that post from the guy asking if he should sue the company that made his sunglasses because they broke in a crash? Remember the responses he got? The majority were offensive, personal attacks about how big of an unrealistic pussy he was for considering a lawsuit.

This guy was asking a serious question, and I was embarrased by the type of responses he was given. That attitude is the exact sort that makes so many people dislike cyclists! It really made me wonder who was the arrogant, Holier-then-thou type cylists here. I'll admit I've made a couple offensive replies myself, but at least I quickly learned that they really don't accomplish anything.