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... is there a benefit???(3 posts)

... is there a benefit???Akirasho
Feb 21, 2003 1:54 PM
... was over at Oval Concepts website espying their road stems... and noticed that their open face design uses mounting bolts anchoring into the face instead of the stem...

Do you think there is a benefit in this design, or is it just different (the website mentions correcting a critical flaw, but is not specific)?

Be the bike.
easier to replace if you strip?DougSloan
Feb 21, 2003 3:06 PM
I can't see any inherent advantage. But, if you stripped the threads, you could just get new face plate. Might look better from the front, too.
re: ... is there a benefit???xxl
Feb 21, 2003 3:56 PM
I suppose it's possible that running the screw heads through the stem keeps them from being flexed as much as the "traditional" way, since the screw heads are less free to move around, but calling this a "critical" flaw is wishful marketing thinking, IMHO. The bias cut on the stem/steerer connection was kind of neat, but given the low angle used, would it make any difference, vs. a 90-degree cut, really? I'm still thinking about the use of opposing bolts there, but that seemed like it would make a more secure connection, since the fasteners are pulling against each other. What do these things go for, anyway?

Aren't there some elitist (I've heard the sport is like that ;) engineer types here who could shed some light on this?