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Need help with my HRM(2 posts)

Need help with my HRMWild Bill
Feb 21, 2003 12:41 PM
Don't tell me to contact Polar!!!! If they were any help I wouldn't be asking.

I have the S720i HRM and I can't find the "Odometer" on the wrist receiver.(Watch)
Also it doesn't show the total odometer reading on my training curve or any place else!
I'm I just over looking it?
If you try to program the "Odometer" on your computer it will tell you that the watch has to be "reset"?????
When this done, and you have entered your total mileage the trip odometer is not at 0.0?

I would like someone who can tell me how to put my total mileage in the "Odometer" and still be able to zero the trip odometer.
Also how do I put the "odometer total" on my training curve?
Thanks to all.
Technically challenged...hycobob
Feb 21, 2003 8:32 PM
I don't profess to be technically challenged. I had advanced technical training in the navy and an AS degree in Instrumentation Technology, but had to revert to the A1 heart rate monitor. I bought the Protrainer XT HRM and almost went crazy trying to get the cycling functions to work. It wasn't worth the headaches...went out and got a Cateye Astralle for cycling functions and never looked back. Yes I can program a VCR clock...good luck.