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Lances' newest Ad for Comcast(3 posts)

Lances' newest Ad for ComcastAlpedhuez55
Feb 21, 2003 11:16 AM
Last night I saw a comercial for Comcast featuring Lance Armstrong. It was for Comcast who has merged or bought AT&T Broadband. They are my new Cable Company.

It is nice that they are embracing the Armstrong & Cycling, but will they give my town OLN? With the exception of two adjacent cities also covered by Comcast, every city around me gets OLN. Most other Comcast cities in the area already receive OLN. I sent them an email and got a canned response, replied to that and got another canned email.

Hopefully they will follow through on this otherwise, I will probably end up with a dish. If they are going to use lance as a Spokesman, they should at least let their subscribers watch him race.

Mike Y.
Tired of getting canned responses...biknben
Feb 21, 2003 11:44 AM
Throw the next invoice in the can and get a dish.

I sent endless mail to my cable provider. I got the form letters and eventually a call and a personal letter. I was on the fence for two years because I also have a cable modem which has been excelent.

Over the holidays I got the Dish Network. I lost a little and gained a lot. I lost NYC network stations which I liked (now have to watch Philly), but gained many more movie channels, kids channels, and OLN.

I sent the ultimate FU to my cable company by canceling the service. Bring on the grand tours!!!!!!!!!
throw it all out and buy the DVD's when they come out. nmclimbo
Feb 21, 2003 12:26 PM