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Belgium Jersey(12 posts)

Belgium Jerseymosovich
Feb 19, 2003 7:57 PM
Where can I find a Belgium Nat'l Champ Jersey?
does it say Miserable Fat Belgian Bustard on it? nmcyclopathic
Feb 19, 2003 8:06 PM
excellent MP reference! nmfeathers mcgraw
Feb 20, 2003 6:17 AM
You can always win onePODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Feb 19, 2003 9:12 PM
I'm a firm believer that to wear a national championship jersey you should win it. It doesn't matter how patriotic you are or anything like that... then again I'm the guy who wears a yellow jersey that family friends who didn't realize the symbolism bought for me.

what you said, sort of...hackmechanic
Feb 19, 2003 10:20 PM
I'm pretty sure no one is going to mistake you for Lance Armstrong, Ullrich or any other tour winner for that matter, doesn't mean you can't wear the jersey in tribute. Same for any guy/girl that rides/wears/uses/owns a USPS Trek, Pantani Vittoria shoes, Aqua e Sapone Specialized, Dale Earnhardt Monte Carlo, Michael Jackson silver glove, Roots Team Canada Beret, or whatever. Wear what you want to emulate your heros and show your appreciation for what they've accomplished.
Team jerseys and national/world champ jerseys are....PODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Feb 20, 2003 8:19 AM
Team jerseys and national/world champ jerseys are completely different. IMHO opinion where they differ are in that one is made for profit... one is made to show notoriety. A team jersey shows notoriety for those actually on the team but once again they are produced for profit... I don't feel the same should be done for national and world champ jerseys.

Its like national team stuff... here in Canada for sure and probably most of the world you have to earn it. I can decide to proudly where it when and where I want and not have someone ride/walk past me in the other direction wearing it who has not earned it.

My 2 cents,
so that's a contradiction thenclimbo
Feb 20, 2003 5:27 AM
It's only here in the USA that it is frowned upon by some people. Everywhere else and in other sports it's about pride and honour of your sporting heroes. It's like saying you shouldn't wear a Lotto or USPS jersey if you weren't ever on the team.

If you went to say, a World Cup football match, every person in the stands has their National Jersey on. No different in cycling in my book. Wear them all !
From the horse's mouthgregario
Feb 20, 2003 5:56 AM
I had a conversation with Stuart O'Grady and asked him about this issue. It was his opinion that the only jersey that is a no-no for a regular joe to wear is the World Champ jersey. He said it's just too prestigious.
National champ jersey should be the samePODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Feb 20, 2003 8:01 AM
In Canada since there is no demand for the jersey outside of racing so noone makes them... they are like gold... the only way you can get one is to win one.

I wear my yellow jersey because its a comfortable jersey (drifit) and I like the cut... it doesn't have any sponsors on it so its obviously not the real thing. I have another yellow jersey that is an uglier off yellow and not made of a material I like but has Telekom logos on it and I never wear it.

The real national and world championship jerseys have no sponsors on them. The only exception is possibly who makes the jersey like Louis Garneau here in Canada. So its hard to tell them apart from the copycats.

Get a German jersey and turn it 90 degrees CCW. nmBruno S
Feb 19, 2003 9:22 PM
re: Belgium Jerseymorkm
Feb 19, 2003 10:25 PM
Quick question on this topic...and I'll also post this in the 'racing' section, as they had a discussion about this a little while back, but didn't touch on it...

When racing unattached, is it okay to wear a collegiate jersey or a jersey for a national team (not a national champ jersey, though)? The collegiate jersey is for a school located 10 states away and is my alma mater...the national team jersey is from my foreign girlfriend...

Any comments, so I don't look too Fred-like in my first few Cat.5 races...
Here, Tom Steels' MapeiSpunout
Feb 20, 2003 4:39 AM

or here, in classic merino wool

Best would be to find a Molteni wool, like Eddy used to wear.

Here it is! Google works, you know! But they're sold out. If you call and ask, they'll maybe get some more.