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Any Experirnce w/ "BreathPlay"?(8 posts)

Any Experirnce w/ "BreathPlay"?jjdbike
Feb 19, 2003 6:04 PM
I was made aware of a web sight/program called "BreathPlay."
The web sight is It is a set of C/Ds w/ breathing exercises for various activities e.g., cycling. They cliam that several champion cyclists have improved their preformance significantly by using their system. Do any of you have any knowledge or experience w/ this product?
It looks useful & another tool to add to the training program. What do you guys think?
re: Any Experirnce w/ "BreathPlay"?rrjc5488
Feb 19, 2003 8:51 PM
im unable to answer your question about breathplay... but i have tried and those DO work.
re: Any Experirnce w/ "BreathPlay"?al0
Feb 20, 2003 1:32 AM
Yes, such things do work very well - as they are the best PLACEBO available.
re: Any Experirnce w/ "BreathPlay"?Jon Billheimer
Feb 20, 2003 7:37 AM
I've used the CDs for a year now and have found they've improved my economy significantly. My speed during a standard 8 km tt on my trainer at a pegged heart rate improved by 19%. There seem to be a couple of effects happening: 1) when movement and breathing become entrained efficiency increases; 2)an emphasis on pushing air out during a long outbreath phase increases parasympathetic activity which seems to lower heartrate; 3) this type of breathing improves gas exchange in the lungs and is taught by many respiratory therapists to asthma and emphysema patients.

Guys like John Howard and Alexi Grewal don't endorse it for nothing. I've personally talked to John Howard about BreathPlay. He practices it and promotes it at his cycling camps. It might interest some of you to know that Cyrile Guimard currently has some athletes he's training experimenting with BreathPlay.
re: Any Experirnce w/ "BreathPlay"?jjdbike
Feb 20, 2003 10:21 AM
Thanks for the reply and the info. It makes sence. And even if it is a placebo, if it isn't potentially harmful, why not go w/ it? I have experemented w/ breath work for a some time. I have noticed that yogic breathing lowers my HR but I am only able to do it at lower intensities. I have tried switch breathing, but I am not sure of its value. One big question here, is it nessecary o buy the Serendipity C/D as well as Zooming as the web site suggests? If not I'd rather spend the extra $ on more traditional weight wenie pursuits.
re: Any Experirnce w/ "BreathPlay"?Jon Billheimer
Feb 20, 2003 3:31 PM
Switchside breathing really helps, especially when climbing. A lot of pros endorse it as a climbing tactic. I ordered both CDs and practiced Serendipity on the treadmill for a week or so before practicing the technique on the bike. When you order the CDs (or CD) you can talk to Ian Jackson himself. You'll find that he's really helpful and, in fact, will probably inundate you with info. Take advantage. He's an excellent coach and a remarkable athlete.
Sorry, but the name creeps me out.PseuZQ
Feb 20, 2003 1:05 PM
If you have to, go ask your father.
Widely known technique - why pay for it?Kerry
Feb 20, 2003 5:00 PM
Emphasis on exhaling is really old news, as is "belly breathing", pursing your lips on the exhale, etc. These are things that many people come to without knowing it, and they are often cited in coaching articles and books. This is an incremental improvement for the inexperienced, as successful athletes have already adapted such techniques in some fashion.